28 Oct 2008

I Love Melbourne!

Just incase anyone's wondering what I'm up to...I am away from the crazy world of journalism and am currenly renewing my vows of endless love with Melbourne. Love this place! It doesn't feel strange or alien. It feels like I am picking up from where I left. I know the streets of the city, the little lanes that have so much culture and uniqueness...I could go on and on...but I can't. I'm off to meet a friend. I am going to enjoy every second of this holiday!
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18 Oct 2008

Kiss Kiss

One of the best things about being alive is the existence of kisses.

Soft sweet kisses. Hard needy kisses. Kisses where tongues collide.

Kisses on the forehead, eyes, nose. Kisses, kisses, kisses!

When lips meet and while tongues talk, I'll give a u a little part of my soul.
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8 Oct 2008


15 days before I go to Oz! Yay! I can't wait...Spring time is my favourite season. The weather is usually wonderful during this or minus a few Melbourne showers...but what is a little rain when there is shopping, coffee and cousins! And not to mention ol' friends. I will also be in Sydney for a couple of days. Yeah, I will be low of funds after I get back but I will high on fun,fun,fun! And so the countdown begins!
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