28 Feb 2007


With all the recent drama going on, it was nice to know that there is indeed a silver lining behind all that. It's official,I got a call from HR in the morning - My three months probation at work has ended and yes, I have been confirmed! :) It is a good feeling for sure. Wish I could share the news with a certain friend of mine, the friend, but well, I will be able to tell him that in person sometime soon, I'm sure. *Keeping fingers crossed*
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27 Feb 2007

Drama Minggu Ini...

fits very well with what's been happening to me this week!(And it's only Tuesday!)

So a good guy friend of mine found out yesterday that I had deceived him. I said that I was going out with colleagues, but instead I went out with a guy. Why did I lie? Cos' if I told him the truth, he'd be upset. And I was right. He was upset. I had good intentions. My deceiving was just not good enough. Now it's going to take time to heal his wounded heart.

(Note to self: Next time u decide to tell a white lie, make sure it works!)

Also yesterday another good friend of mine pretty much told me that he'd like to marry me. I told him the truth. I think that he is a fantastic guy, but I don't feel for him in that 'special' way. I know it's difficult to hear (God knows how many times I've had that said to me!) but I had to tell him how I felt. He deserves someone who loves him with all mind, heart and soul. I hope time will send him that person and give him all the happiness he deserves.

Here's hoping there is no more drama for me, this week!

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25 Feb 2007

The New Lovers

The sun is high and the crowd is gathering,
At a rundown bus stop she waits for a familiar face.

Her heart pounding, her fingers run on the curve of her bag,
her thoughts suspended on what happens next.

He appears out of the blue, a reassuring smile on his face.
Her hand in his, her heart finds tranquility it needs.

In the bus she watches the familiar roads disappear,
And wonders about what roads lay ahead for her.

He soothes her nerves with mindless chatter,
She acknowledges his care with a touch so tender.

When at last their destination arrives,
He takes the lead and she puts her trust, completely in him.

And in the solitude of the room,
They put their bags and old lives in the empty cupboard that day.

At long last alone and free,
They set foot on a journey of countless discoveries.

A shower of kisses ignites the fire,
There’s no stopping now, passion soaring higher.

Clothes come undone, bodies entwined,
The new lovers unite over a sea of blankets.

What happens next nobody yet knows,
Only time will tell where this story will go.

Anu Venugopal
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20 Feb 2007

I am Shaggy and I am loved!

(This is me being sad after being sentenced to the outside after I was naughty.)

Hello, my name is Shaggy Fernandez-Nair. I am 5 years old and I am boy doggie of the King Charles Spaniel community. I live in Klang with my owner, a sweet grandmother of 12 grandkids. In case u are wondering about the Fernandez-Nair bit, let me clear it up for u. Well, when I was born, I was adopted by the Fernandez family but after 3 years they had to give me up. That was when I moved to the Nair family in Klang. At first I was very sad, but soon I realised that my new family loved me as much as the old and now I am very happy.

U wanna know more about me? Sure! In my free time I like to play with my tennis ball, look out the window for my extended family and u guessed it eat,eat and eat.In fact, my no 1 favourite hobby is to persuade the family to give me yummy bites of whatever they are eating! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

(In my favourite spot!)

Just the other day over the Chinese New Year holidays, my owner and I went to stay at her daughter's house. I love to go there because everyone loves me there. I still remember the days when the daughter's husband used to play hockey with me - what fun! And the two children - (well, they are big children, but children nonetheless) they love taking me for walks in the evening. Just 2 days ago, they took me on this long walk. I wanted to go home, but they made me walk longer! Ah well, I know they want the best for me. I heard them say that I am getting too fat. Well, I don't think I am fat; just a little big boned.

In fact, I am trying to work out more myself. The other day I did more than my usual work out together with the big kid of the house. She went to the fridge and I followed (you never know when something from the fridge is for u!) and took out a piece of chocolate. I wagged my tail in excitement, ready to adore her with all my heart after she gives me a piece of it. But no, she took a bite of it herself and ran away. I didn't give up, I followed her. I even jumped up,many times, trying to get a piece of it for myself. Unfortunately I didn't get even a crumb of that chocolate.

Oh well, there is plenty from where that came from. ;) Pssst, I know where they keep their goodies, so if u want some, let my nose lead u!

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14 Feb 2007

Reflections on Valentine's.

The day went on well, with only a few reminders of that it was Valentine's Day! Amy gave me this real yummy box of mints and the student council played dedications during lunch time at the cafeteria. And for a moment, I got a little (just a tad!) teary about a song. I can't remember the title of the song right now. Ah, the perils of the getting older. (But that's another story for another post).

Valentine's Day has been a day of reflections. I remembered my previous Valentines' and being single all the way, I used to feel sad and alone. This year it's different.I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. In fact I feel pretty neutral about the whole thing. When people asked me if I had a date tonite, I said no, and didn't feel any sort of discontentment in my heart. That makes me wonder if I am finally (yes finally is the keyword here) getting used to being on my own. Perhaps so! Still, it's not that I live on my own, I have family with me and around me, so I am on my own, and yet not.

Also I am remembering a certain guy I used to like a couple of years back. Oh what drama we had experienced! I told him how I felt and he told me he wasn't interested. We had an argument and then lost in touch for a while. Then a year and a half later he emailed me and our friendship resumed. And when I was in Melbourne, especially after my breakup with Dino, I got close to him again. We always had fun, we argued, we laughed, it was an interesting friendship. So interesting that I wondered if perhaps he may have changed his mind about me. No longer interested in playing games,I asked him about his feelings, and he had nothing to say. Absolutely nothing. So then I decided that that was it, I had give him his chance, and he had given his answer. I have not looked back since. So why is it that I have been reminded about him as I watch tv all this week? Tsk tsk, I shall blame it on the St Valentine's and carry on.

For all those single-tons this year, Happy Single Awareness Day. So u may not have a partner, or a date, but trust me, u are certainly loved, one way or another.

Lotsa luv,

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13 Feb 2007

Way to go John!


Picture from

Best Pop Male Vocal Performance - "Waiting on the World to Change"
Best Pop Vocal Album - Continuum

Dear John,

Congrats on your Grammy Awards this year. U totally deserve them. I am so happy for u! I can't wait to see u in Melbourne in April. Please keep your fingers crossed so that I will get there! :) I hope u get many more Grammy's in the future. Mwah,mwah! Ur music is truly inspirational. Keep it coming! Hmm,I must say that whole tux and sneakers look work well for u, and only u. *LOL* :)

Lotsa luv,

Ur Numero Uno Fan,

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12 Feb 2007

Bits n Pieces

Saturday night was nice. Went to Taman Titiwangsa with friend Kas and Guna. Didn't go on the rides but saw the fireworks, which I must admit was pretty good. And I am not one who has much patience for fireworks; or rather I have a limited attention span when watching fireworks. Usually it's about 5 minutes; but this time it went up to 20 minutes. The lake looked beatiful (check it out here, taken on my Sony Ericsson -not bad eh?)

Today was an eventful day, to say the least. Things went on as per normal at work until about 2.45pm. Then a 5 year old had an 'accident' (no 1 ok not no 2) and I had to take him to the toilet. My first reaction was - I am not equipped with skills to do this! But I was wrong, I handled it well. He was feeling a little embarresed, but I told him it was ok, and no, he wasn't going to get into trouble in class. Cute!

I also got my ticket to Oz in April. Now it's the final stage - leave approval.*Keeping fingers crossed for that*.

And I found out that I lost 2.5 kgs, a good start to my 10 kgs target. Woo hoo!

An eventful day indeed.

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9 Feb 2007

That buzzy feeling...

I am back from the office party. It was quite a short event, about 1 and half hours long. I had a couple of glasses of white wine. That's probably the reason why I feel a warm buzz in my head. Haha. I suppose I could have been more ming-ly, more sociable but I fell into that trap of comfort, once I sat with a few other colleagues, there was no other place to go. I said hi to a few people, said my how are u's...and people were already into their drinks...some were red!

And now with buzz and all, I wish I had someone special to go out with tonite. Hmm, it must be the alcohol in the system talking. I know that if it's meant to happen it will, I do. But ooooof, to be able to hug someone special tonite would have been really nice.

Tomorrow though I am going out with a good friend, planning to go on the Eye on Malaysia and see how that is like! Really looking forward to it...should be fun.

The biggest buzz of all was when 5 year old Yutaro said that I looked "very beautiful today". Kids - aren't they the best?

Have a good weekend and find ur buzz!

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8 Feb 2007

Party time!

So tomorrow's the big social event at MKIS. The entire staff at the school will be attending a party at a place close to the school after 4pm. I must admit, I am quite excited about it. The thought of being able to leave work at 4pm instead of 4.45 is one motivator. Then there's the free flow of wine - hard to resist, that one. And yes, of course, it will be a good opportunity to mingle and get to know colleagues from various departments. :)

All is good at work. I am very busy everyday. Time goes by so fast. Days fly by. Before you know it, it is already Friday. The only thing I am concerned about is I will be able to go to Oz as I plan to in April. *Keeping fingers crossed that everything will turn out alright.*

Shall blog about the big party tomorrow. Until then!


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3 Feb 2007

Back to the board Anu!

So the parental units are back. I got a few things. I am happy. I went to the gym earlier, had an hour and a half workout. Pretty long, I know. U would do the same, if u had read that the cookie that u love so much and have been having quite a few of late had lard in it. LARD, yes! *LOL* So much for my quest to lose weight! Back to the drawing board for me! And next time I am gonna check what's in it, before I eat anything.

By the way, my mother has not mentioned anything about the hair. I know she has seen it as I saw her eyes take in my hair when I said opposite her at dinner time. Haha! Maybe she has decided it's not that bad after all. Maybe she thinks it actually looks quite good on me. (But can't say anything about it!)

And yes, I am going to the gym tomorrow too!

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2 Feb 2007

Dildarian - Arminder Gill

I've wanted to share this song with 'everyone' for a while now, but never got down to doing it until today. Yes, it is a Punjabi song and no, I don't understand what the lyrics are all about. Does it really matter? I know it's a sad song, something about not falling in love or suffer the consequence - hurt. I don't know about u, but it doesn't 'sound' like a sad song to me. It was love at first hearing for me. And I couldn't get enough of it. I listened to it every morning before I went to work and at night before I went to went. I even (I am not embarresed to say) danced to it on weekends in the privacy of my room in Coburg. Somehow this sad song gave me hope, hope that things will turn out still does. Here's proof that u don't need to understand the language to appreciate the song. Music breaks barriers alrite! And the video is pretty cool too, isn't it? So I hope u enjoy it too.

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1 Feb 2007

The horoscope says it all...

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Not every day can be a fantastic day. Today there won't be much expansion or progress in any of your projects -- generally, excitement will be missing from this day. But one dud of a day doesn't have to get you down. Trust that imperceptible changes are happening all around you -- and they will soon propel you toward your goals. Be patient, and trust that things will happen when they are meant to happen.
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