30 Aug 2008


And there are times, like today, when I wish I could have a 'How I Met Your Mother' marathon; with someone to laugh with, someone I can cuddle with, someone special.
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25 Aug 2008


Learning the exhausting. But fun and interesting. Very exciting. It can be a bit overwhelming, at least initially. I have new found respect for journalists everywhere. Seriously!!! Still, there is a certain sort of satisfaction seeing ur hard work in print for all to see...Absolutely!!!5 minutes later, it's back to work again...

And now, for good ol' sleep. Oh how I've missed it!
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17 Aug 2008

It Only Gets Better From Here...

I haven't blogged about this yet. And I've known about this for a while now. Somehow it felt right just swimming around in my own consciousness, heart and mind. But now, I can't keep it inside no more. I gotta say it.

I am starting my job as Sub-Editor tomorrow! Yay!

Well, for a month I will be learning the ropes, getting into the journalism groove and then, it's gonna be sub-editing all the way.

I am excited, oh yes. I've only wanted to do this since I was 17. Finally, I am in!

It's gonna be great!
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3 Aug 2008

Could Mr. Wrong Actually Be Mr. Right?

When I was a teenager I had a mental picture of my very own Prince Charming. In my mind, he would be a tall, dark handsome guy who had a smile that would melt a matron's heart and eyes that would radiate kindness. He'd have a good, stable job, enjoy going out occasionally and would love to buy me presents a couple of times a year. I was even keeping fingers crossed that he'd turn out to be romantic!

But what happens when u are all grown up, doing what adults do and u come across one person, who stands out from the hundreds of people you meet?

Someone who shows u whole new world of the same ol' world. Someone who makes the passing of each day worth it. Someone who doesn't fit the image of your ol' Prince Charming and yet somehow makes life colourful, makes u feel alive.

What do u do? Listen to your heart or your mind? Or just let the tide take u where u are supposed to go?
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