13 Sep 2015

Who Cares?

Update: 24 October 2015

Since my last ranting, I've calmed down a bit. Lessons have been learnt, yes, but the heart is still open. Just incase anyone has any doubts about that. :)  Life is a rollercoaster, and no matter what, I always get back to the top. 

FYI, this quote isn't quite accurate.

I've recently learnt an important lesson.

Don't start caring about people too soon. Chances are if you do, they won't appreciate you, won't value you. They may even disappear on you. Maybe I had it coming. Perhaps I showed too much care, too soon. I got excited. I thought I had found someone to care about...

For someone who wears my heart on my sleeve, it's tough to not care. In fact, all that caring I do show, is actually just the tip of  the iceburg. There's a lot more caring in me, deep inside. Just waiting for the right opportunity to come out. Tired of being sushed, waiting impatiently to be let out, free to care for someone truly worth it.

But until then, I think I'll just reel in my care, and reel in my heart. Keep it wraped up until I know for certain that it's the right time to care. When the other person cares for me first.

New motto: Stop Caring, Start Working.

Deadlines are calling. Chop, Chop!
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