24 Aug 2013

The Beer Date

We were at the bar.
We ordered beers and had lots to talk about.

Then you challenged me to drink a full pint of beer.
I saw that glint in your eye and accepted that challenge.

I psyched myself and started on the task, determined to do it, to win.
I was doing a good job and was about to finish swallowing the last few mouthfuls when I happened to glance at you.

You made a funny face.

I laughed.

The beer, somehow magically escaped from my throat and mouth,
and made its way to your hand and trousers.

Then the truth dawned on me.
I had just spewed beer on my date.

I was mortified.

I looked at you to see your reaction.

You were shocked at first.

And then you laughed.
There was that glint in your eye again.

It was that moment when I started loving you. 

P/S- This is is a Cowbird story. 
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