27 Mar 2010

Where's that bull?

After more than 10 years of having an active online social life, I am ready to throw in the towel.

Well, ok so maybe 'throw' might be a tad far fetched. Perhaps 'keep-at-a-bottom-of-a-drawer' would be more like it. Just knowing that is there and that u can use it anytime u need to. That is more like it.

It started off pretty harmlessly, in the late 90's when the Internet made its presence. All for the sake of curiousity, I began surfing the web, chatting in various 'rooms' and made 'friends' along the way. mIRC, Yahoo chat rooms, ICQ. I had my share of online boyfriends - even one from the UK. A quiet and shy girl, being online was the one way I could talk to guys cos' I could never do that in real. I met many guys this way, through chattting, and dating sites and some say I was pretty brave to meet so many of them. I, like thousands of others, got absorbed into this exciting, online world and spent hours on it, feeling like it was a part of my world, my real world.

And boy did it feel real. I knew so much about a person, I could pretty much guess his next question. I would rush back home just to go msn messenger or chatrooms, just to chat with my 'friends'. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the online friends who have ended up being real friends, but...

Suddenly being online just doesn't do it for me anymore. The satisfaction that I felt is fast disappearing. Yes, I am still a little quiet but I am not that shy girl any more. I've grown up, matured. I can talk to guys now, I have evolved. And now I have the urge to be out of the house doing something, anything as long as it is something real. Watching theatre, exhibitons, jogging, walking. Whatever. Perhaps I've hidden myself away from the real world for too long and it is time to take the bull by its horns and just see what happens.

Let's see where the roads of life will take me.

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21 Mar 2010


Sometimes life just doesn't work the way u want it to. Not that it is something new, or it comes as a surprise, yet when the moment comes when it doesn't go your way, the inevitable happens. Hurt. Sadness. Disappointment. But there is nothing you can do to change that. Only thing to do is to keep the spirits high and move along with the tide. And hope that one day the whole 'fake it until u make it' philosophy becomes a reality.
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13 Mar 2010

Melbourne Momentos

Aryan loves his cricket!

Aryan getting ready to bat.

Aryan posing with his drum. After I took the photo, he wanted to see it. What a cutie!

Tiger Taj doing his stretches. He is my cousins' dog.

Mumbai's Indian take-away is in Melbourne!

Just another day in St. Kilda beach.

I like this quote. As seen at a language centre in the city (where I studied Spanish, incidently).
Is he a statue or a man? U will find out if you give him some money. :P

One of the sights while I often saw while I was on the train.

The Nachos Emma ordered at Time Out at Federation Square. Yummy!

With one of the many lovely latte's I had.

Overlooking the Yarra River (yes, that's the river I wanted to jump into. :P)

Moi resting after a whole lot of walking.

Emma and her slurpy from McDonalds.

Emma and I.

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I'm Back!

It's been a week since I got back from Melbourne. The trip made me re-think my priorities in life and I am on a quest to establish a healthier work life balance. I don't want to stay late at the office every day of the working week. I know that writer's block is inevitable, that assignments will pour in, but I will try to finish up stories as quickly (and as creatively as possible). That will be my resolution for the rest of the year. Anu Boleh!

Meanwhile, I must say that the Melbourne trip was fabulous. Coffee was good, company was great and what can I say about the shopping? Fantabulous! I realised that shopping for bargains is as adreline pumping as finishing a story. Yes, I am serious! I shall explain. When I start working on a story, I feel motivated and focused on one thing - an interesting story. When I start shopping (for bargains), I feel pumped and visualise that I will soon be getting the best bargains. If there is a deadline on the story, I will be glued to the chair until I am done with it. Hunger pangs disappear, I feel full and can only think about eating after I am done. Same with shopping. I had a meal at Hungry Jacks at 11am, and I had no thoughts of eating at Bridge Road, Richmond or the city until I got my bargain shopping done. Only when it was all over, was I hungry. In conclusion, the fact that I feel the same way about shopping and writing means that that I do really enjoy my job (and yes, shopping).

Anyways, I digress. I loved the trip. I had fun with my cousins, playing with my nephew Aryan, and had a good time catching up with friends. I totally loved my trips to the city and it was like, so easy and natural for me there.

There was one time that the thought of jumping into Yarra River crossed my mind (there was this extremely 'loving' couple walking in front of me) but then I thought about all those lovely bargains I got and decided it wasn't worth it. Haha. (Good joke eh?) But seriously, there were a few times when I wished I was with someone there. Only because I've been there countless of times on my own, and when there is someone else with u, it becomes a different sorta memory. Plus, it's extremely difficult to take photos of yourself. That would explain the lack of 'me' photos I have taken this time. Credit goes to my friend Emma who took all photos of me, on a cold, cloudy day in Melbourne. Photos are coming up....SOON!

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