24 May 2008


That the best things in life are truly free...
As I my last day approaches, I am thankful to be reminded that I have made a difference to some people in the school and that they will missing me (at least for a while)...It's really good to know that my efforts in helping the kids and teachers are appreciated. Here's what these two students, Jo Anna and Jozelle made for me yesterday. (L-R) Jozelle & Jo Anna.

Jo Anna's card - back (an impression of the artist; and what an artist she is!)

Jo Anna's card - front (it sooooooooooooo looks like me!)

Jo Anna's card - inside (soooo sweet!)
Jozelle's card - inside (so cute)

Jozelle's card - outside (funny!)

Cute eh? Needless to say I feel loved! :)
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16 May 2008


When u are about to leave your old job for a brand new, spanking, exciting one, thoughts tend to deviate from the present job from time to time. One month’s notice feels like a month's detention. And the focus is all on the day u’ll be free!

Then things happen, good things. And u realize that there will be things about the place, the people, the job that u'll miss when u leave.

Like random hugs from 7 year olds. When kids give me their piece of art and tell me it’s for me. I shall miss the light in the eyes of a boy when he finally gets the book he’s been waiting for. Or the way 5 year old Shaun says ‘Thank you Ms. Aaaaanu’ when I give him his library book. Or when I am mentioned in the school newsletter with the kindest of words. I almost, yes almost, shed a tear.

Good-bye to Miss Anu

We regret to inform you that our lovely Library Assistant, Miss Anu, is leaving the school. Monday, 26 May will be her last day in the library. Please take time to come and say good-bye, or send her an email message: to express your appreciation for her wonderful service during the past two years and to wish her well in her new position.

And sometimes, just once, maybe twice, u wish that something more would happen so that you could stay.

But u know u can’t. Because u gotta get out there and spread the wings. And fly.
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12 May 2008

More green tea?

Sometimes amidst the same ol' boring routine; the craziness of everyday life - a couple of hours, a little silly talk, some yummy food, free flow of green tea and funny, interesting company is all one needs to reignite life's batteries again.

I am recharged!
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7 May 2008


Life has been pretty crazy since I got the new job. So many things to do, not enough time to do it all. My picking-up-a-book-whenever-I-please phase will soon be over. To compensate, I am having a buffet of books at home. Reading them as fast as I can. I only have till May 26, u know. So if I don't blog often...u know why!

I try to enjoy work as much as I can. The mountains of books waiting to be sorted and shelved I still hate. No matter how hard I try, I can't muster the energy nor the enthusiasm to sort them out and shelve, shelve, shelve. Grrr, geram! Still I try to remember to take mental pictures of the kids saying funny things or being absolute sweeties. Who knew thank you's from a 4 year old would melt my heart in an instant? There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud eh?

Back to my book...
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2 May 2008


The BIG event has arrived! I have a new job. From June 2nd onwards, I will be working at a English Language Training centre, they train teachers to teach English. And I will be responsible for all the writing, editing, researching of marketing materials and publications.

The job description excites me. And I like the fact that I will be making a transition from Library Assisant to Marketing Communication Coordinator. My last day at the school will be the 26th. After that I shall take a few days break, maybe go to Penang or Malacca, get ready for a new chapter in my life.

On second thoughts, let's forget about all that glamour and slinkiness I craved in my previous post, shall we?

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. I give u the BIG event!
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