24 May 2008


That the best things in life are truly free...
As I my last day approaches, I am thankful to be reminded that I have made a difference to some people in the school and that they will missing me (at least for a while)...It's really good to know that my efforts in helping the kids and teachers are appreciated. Here's what these two students, Jo Anna and Jozelle made for me yesterday. (L-R) Jozelle & Jo Anna.

Jo Anna's card - back (an impression of the artist; and what an artist she is!)

Jo Anna's card - front (it sooooooooooooo looks like me!)

Jo Anna's card - inside (soooo sweet!)
Jozelle's card - inside (so cute)

Jozelle's card - outside (funny!)

Cute eh? Needless to say I feel loved! :)

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