29 Mar 2007

See Ya Laterz!

Read this interesting horoscope on Friendster today. It's one of those horoscopes that u wanna follow thru, at least I do!

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)[?]
The Bottom Line
You can't wait for great things to happen -- you must go out and make them happen!

In Detail
Are you waiting for a great day to happen? If so, you are thinking backwards. You can't wait for great things to happen to you -- you have to go out and make them happen! This includes every area of your life: romance, job opportunities and even good health. Set aside any silly notions you have about deserving what the universe sends you. You deserve whatever you want, as long as you're willing to put the necessary work into making it happen.

So I'm gonna be flying off to Melbourne tomorrow nite. I am as predicted very excited. My heart's like beating a 100k's per hour. I've packed my bag, yes - in half an hour...the fastest I've pack, ever. So now all I have to do is get thrugh the day at work tomorrow and then it's off to the airport! Hope all goes well!I will try to blog when I am there, let's see how things go...

See ya laterz!

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28 Mar 2007

9 days!

The days are passing by so fast this week. It's already Thursday tomorrow and I have yet to pack and I still have a few things to get for friends and cousins in Melbourne. I'll have to do the last minute shopping after work tomorrow and then head home to pack my bag. Luckily it's not going to be a major hassle as I am only going to be there for 9 days. Plus I am going to be buying a few tops. :P Melbourne is my second home and I do know where to get cheap, quality clothes! And then it's a flight away to Melbourne and next week, all excited and estatic about seeing John Mayer create magic with his guitar LIVE! *Happiness*

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24 Mar 2007

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

But perhaps not this Saturday night.

I've been at home since 5pm. And watched some tv, then I've been online since 6pm. And it's just passed midnight now. I haven't been online for this long since...mid 90's when I had a Pakistani cyberboyfriend in London! *LOL* Those were the days of sleeping late and waking up at 4am just to chat to him on MIRC. Times have changed. I now have to sleep by 11.30 or risk falling asleep on my desk at work the next day. Tonite being Saturday, I've gone the extra mile, I've going past 12 (I can hear u all say woohoo!) I've had a few chats tonite, one with an old friend, another with a new acquaintance so it's not too bad, it's been fun. However, I'd still prefer to be another Saturday night. A night that could possibly include an intimate dinner with someone special, followed by a stroll on the beach before heading home for sweet-spicy loving and snuggles. Someday I will be that Saturday night. Hopefully.
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19 Mar 2007

Speedy Gonzales

I really liked that song when I was a kid...

What does it have to do with this post? Well yesterday I went for a Speed Dating session, a first for me. I must admit, when on the way back from Batu Pahat to KL (an excellent place u know, wish it was my hometown),I was hoping that we wouldn't reach on time, so that I could head back home instead of to a unfamiliar cafe to attend a strange and nerve wrecking event. But friends being friends, they had to drive me straight to the venue and practically pushed me out of the car. Thanks guys, wouldn't have done it without u!

So I was there 5 minutes before 6pm and got to know a few girls who were there, most were there for the first time, like me...Then the organisers gave an introduction and away we went! I was nervous at first, but after a couple of minutes I got the hang of it. At the end of the 2.5 hours, 4/7 guys got a tick from me and I had the some of the funniest things said to me.

When I asked one guy which football team is his favourite, he said Liverpool. "But I support MU because Liverpool can't win!" How funny is that! And a 28 year old fella was commenting how upset he is cos' he can't find the right girl. I told him that he's still young, so it's ok...He was adament that it was too late for him, he said "After 30, u can get sick fast, and then if ur sick, ur children will get sick, so it's better to get married early!" Sounds like he wants a caretaker not a partner!Needless to say I ticked No for him.

All in all, it was an interesting experience. I got a number of a guy who ticked me as Yes. I am not sure where that will go, but I am open to meeting new friends for sure. Would I do it again? Maybe in a couple of months...(if it's free) *LOL*

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17 Mar 2007


So yesterday I went back home and swiched on my PC and what happens? Absolutely nothing. Something about an error with Windows. Sadness! Now I will have to wait for a few days before I get access again. I am at a internet cafe, stopped for a few minutes to check emails and then I am off to Pudu for a weekend trip to Batu Pahat with my friends. This reminds me of the silly jokes we had of Batu Pahat when we were college. If u wanna see the whole of Batu Pahat, u just need to go in the front door and get off the back door - that's all there is to see! I know, I know, pretty lame. It was funny back in those days. Now it seems silly. Hmm, the folly of youth eh? Anyways, I shall blog soon enough, till then...

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15 Mar 2007

Review: The Undomesticated Goddess

I am lucky that I work in a library. I get access to hundreds of books. I can 'chop' any book that I want, return them whenever I want and basically I am the queen of my castle.

So last week I read 'The Undomesticated Goddess.' I've always liked Sophie Kinsella. She always cracks me up with her other books, especially the Shopaholic series. If u want to be entertained and read something light, this is the one for u!

The main character of the book is Samantha, a hot shot lawyer in London who has an eye for the prize - patner at her prestigous law firm. She works all hours, has no life outside work and it all seems worth it, she hears the rumour that she is about to become a partner. Then she makes a mistake, a mistake so huge it wrecked her career.

Not knowing what to do, she walks out of the office, on to the train and finds herself in the middle of the country. She knocks on a house door for directions only to be mistaken for housekeeper in search of a job. After getting the job, Samantha finds herself in sticky situations - she battles with the washing machine, ironing board and cooks a cordon bleu dinner too! Gradually, she falls in love with her new job and life and finds companionship in the gardener, Nath.

Will her employers ever discover the truth? Yes! It all comes out when her high profile firm decides her mistake was just a mistake and takes her back in. Will she go back to her life? Or will she decide that being partner is not all it's cracked up to be? Read the book and u will see! ;) Or if u really want to know, send me a comment.

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14 Mar 2007

Sooooooo excited!

Few days since I blogged. I actually wanted to do a review of the book 'The Undomesticated Goddess' but haven't had the time nor energy to do so...but I will tomorrow, the meantime, the update (the biggest news to hit this week) is that I got my leave approved! So Melbourne, u'll see me on the 31st March 2007!
I am very excited! U won't believe. Now I will also get to see John Mayer live!
Woo hoo!


*Dances as she clicks publish*
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8 Mar 2007


I got tagged by Anu and so now I have to list six points that make me a weirdo.

It was initially difficult to think of any, but as I thought of one, another one came up again and again. My sister was happy to help of course. Thanks Ameeta. :P

Ok, so here goes:

1. I don't like charging my phone when the battery is half or three quarters full.Instead I wait till the battery is almost gone, indicated when it is red in colour. And when I charge it then, I am extremely satisfied.

2. I bite into the seeds of mandarine oranges and don't throw them out. I like the combination of sweetness and nothingness in my mouth.

3. I like to take the dried up part of the glue. It happens when after u've used the glue for a while. That dried part that sticks to the underneath? I love taking it out. And when I get that piece of dried glue out, boy does that make me happy. Weird or what?

4. I don't like talking on the phone. Most girls can hang on the phone for hours and hours, but me 10 minutes is on average. My longest call so far is 22 minutes. I do use the phone of course, but just to make sure that plans are staying the same or to confirm what things I need to buy. When possible I will avoid using the phone.

5. I get panic atttacks when I do cover letters for job interviews. This happens when I've spend more than 5 hours in front of the PC, editing the letter in order to impress my potential employers. The last time it happened, I felt giddy and felt like I was going to faint!

6. I enjoy dressing in a t-shirt, pants and a skirt over the pants. I've had quite a few people look at me oddly. But I like the style. Lurve it!

I am tagging Ameeta,Sri, BawangMerah, Cathy ,Merlina - cos I think it's a crime that ur not blogging - u write so well! and Jaime (whose link will be coming up soon).

Till laterz,

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7 Mar 2007

Are the kids conspiring with the universe today?

EXT: 10.15am, walking down the school corridor with two 8 year old girls.

Girl A asked me "Do u have a child?"
My answer was the obvious - "No."
Her friend Girl B said "She's not married."
Girl A says "So get married!"
I laughed and said "I'll let u know when I do."
Girl B said "No, it's ok. We will know. When u have a ring on your finger, we know ur married."

Kids today!! Hehehe. So cute and so inqusitive!
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6 Mar 2007

Que Sera Sera

I don't know if it's because of the special time of the month or I am just about getting older, but suddenly I have the feeling, no longing, to have a kid of my own.Me working with kids obviously compounds on that feeling. Every cute kid I see, a mother who is able to hold her child's hand, I get that envious feeling in my heart.I know it's natural to feel that way. I am old enough to have hmm, let's see a 6 year old kid! And yes, I know there is this small problem - I don't have a husband yet. At least if I want my child to legitimate, I'll need one of those. (Is there any other way? Of course not!) Any idea where to find one? Let me know. Haha. ;)

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4 Mar 2007


So I found out yesterday that I lost 3kgs. *Happiness* This really motivates me to lose more weight. Earlier on I tried this salwar kameez top and it fits much better now. I am happy! And I am back in good terms with the friend I disappointed last week. In fact, I just came back after meeting him. We are friends again, as per normal. Happy again! And to top it, the prospect of a holiday around the corner excites me immensely. *Keeping fingers crossed* Here's hoping for a fantastic week ahead!

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1 Mar 2007

Fortune Cookie Rewritten

So today was an interesting day. When I woke up this morning and switched on my mobile, I got a sms from my friend who I offended a few days back. We will be meeting up for a celebratory movie/dinner (on me of course) on Saturday. One good step in the right direction alright. Work went well. I got my confirmation letter. :)
Then at 3.30pm we closed the library and went for the staff Chinese New Year celebration. The Lion dance was cool and then we had some yummy stuff to eat. They didn't have any taufu though - big boo. Also we got fortune cookies and mine said:

So yes, I changed it to want. "You will always have everything that you want" sounds much better than need. Haha! Let's just say I prefer to write my own destiny. ;)

And the best thing is...tomorrow is friday!

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