27 Oct 2007

Give Me Something?

I've been trying to blog many times over the course of the week. First at work, in between check out sessions. Then at home with the help of Dark Room, which I must add is an interesting application to use when u need absolute concentration to type. Just remember to press F2 to save your piece. Otherwise u'll do what I did, write something interesting just to have disappear cos u forgot to save it first. Tsk,tsk.

Anyways in lieu of the time constrain I am now facing, (I'm off to Chilis to have a cold one and gotta get ready), a short update will have to do. I am good. Work is going on. There are days when I wish I could start up a bonfire and throw all the books in. Oh yes, I am serious. Other days are bearable. I can't wait for weekends and December 19 to be off to India. Social life is expanding, booming even. Friendships are blossoming, and one in particular. There's something to look forward to ala James Morrison's "This could be nothing, But I'm willing to give it a try". What ever this is right now, I like it. I am enjoying it.

Also, my new haircut has received unexpected attention from others, in a good way of course.

What more can I say? Life is OK!
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18 Oct 2007


There are many things you forget or misplace in life. But somehow it feels that unlike anything else I forget, when I forget this one special device of mine, life stands still. The heart skips a beat as my fingers dig deep into my bag, moving from one cranny to another to find it. It’s not there! I take a moment to think if I did put it into my bag this morning…the non-existent recollection makes way for a forgone conclusion – I left my mobile at home!

Resigned to the fact that I will not have my beloved Sony E with me today, I try to find comfort in the availability of other communication techniques like the good ol’ fashioned phone and speedy broadband. Some things are better than nothing right? Hmm, yeah…rigggghhhht. I wonder if my friend Kasturi has called me yet. Have I got any sms’s? Now how am I gonna text Mr. P and gloat about the fact that India beat Australia in cricket match yesterday??? I would call him but…I’ve left my capacity to remember mobile numbers back with my mobile on my bed this morning!

Ah well, I guess it will just have to wait.

May time pass fast today. So I can go back to my beloved…Sony E!
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13 Oct 2007


What do u do when it's been a while and u realise u've forgotten how to kiss?

Practice? Research? Revise on past kissing experience? Watch sexy scenes over and over again, making mental notes on how it's done?

Or just take the plunge at the right moment and hope that experience kicks in?

Take the plunge woman, don't think. Dive right into it. U shall float!
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10 Oct 2007


Is kind.
I mix with hope.
Is swift.
I run with hope,
Is brave.
I collect boundless strength
From hope.
Is sincere.
I invite hope
To accompany me
To the Golden Shore.
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7 Oct 2007

Of Facebook and Reality

A friend expressed concern that I was getting addicted to Facebook. He said that I shouldn't get too involved, express myself on the highly addictive website. That people are not themselves, not genuine online. That I should not form attachments to people based on what is 'said' and 'done'. I understand what he means. But I am not addicted to it. I do enjoy it, for sure. There is no way going around that. I enjoy being a Pirate, bombing my mates and stealing their coins then burying them on the island so that no one steals from me. I enjoy 'buying' bags that I have no intention of purchasing in the real world. I like to pick fights with friends for the most silliest reasons just to see the icons slapping each other's faces. Call me immature perhaps, but addicted? No way!

I still go on with my daily routines. There's work, gym, walks, outings with friends, chilin' at Chilis,getting to know someone. My life is not any better because of Facebook. My life is better because there are things to look forward to, like Fridays and holidays, good music, an opportunity to get my creativity on the road again. Life is fun because I have someone to talk to, to get to know, to annoy even. And after the longest time, I feel like life is alright. I am content. Sure there are the down days, but I get back on track. Not blogging about it doesn't mean it's not happening. It doesn't mean that I am still swimming in the sea of uncertainty or sadness. It just means that I have other things to do, and I don't have the time (and sometimes the energy) to blog about it. That's all. Simple. Not complicated. The end.

Now if u will excuse me, it's time for me to check out the Scrabulous boards and try my best to kick Sharky's ass!

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