13 Oct 2007


What do u do when it's been a while and u realise u've forgotten how to kiss?

Practice? Research? Revise on past kissing experience? Watch sexy scenes over and over again, making mental notes on how it's done?

Or just take the plunge at the right moment and hope that experience kicks in?

Take the plunge woman, don't think. Dive right into it. U shall float!


Anucia said...

Take the plunge!!
A real kiss comes from the heart-no amount of practice/thepry will ever get it right.


so now for the KPC question...who's the prince?

Anu said...

LOL, not sure if he is THE prince, but u know...if anything happens, u will know...

Still no kisses yet! :P

foreverinteresting said...

i know i know :p least i think i know :p

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