17 Oct 2010

Me Mini

Knowing that I am walking on the same path my father did gives me hope and much happiness.

He told me about this jogging track in Subang a while back and I told myself that I would explore that track soon - but for the longest time I was happy to be going on my own favourite route. I found time on hands and a desire to try something new last Friday.So I made my way to the area and there is was - a little walking track that was had a lot of greens and character. No wonder he liked it. And as I walked along the track I couldn't help but think he would have walked on the same track just over two months ago.

It's a good feeling somehow. That also got me started on thinking about the other things that I have in common with him.

First of all I look like a lot like him, some people say I'm a carbon copy. He walked a lot and enjoyed it - same here. We love books and bookshops also quotations. When we are passionate about something, we go on and on about it. We are both the strong, silent type. We have the same philosophy about credit card management. (Ok, so maybe his philosophy got stuck in my head.) We are both thinkers but admittedly he did more than just think - he did a lot too.

I've got lots more to share about my father. He had this "Book of Knowledge" as he called it, where he wrote interesting things he read including this one :-

“Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use” by Linus, friend of Charlie Brown/Snoopy. Although he didn't get to use all those gears, he did try his best. And now it is me who has to use those gears.
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