30 Jun 2007

My favourite things...

"When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad."

A cool glass of watermelon juice. :P

Yummy tofu!

Sweet sounds of music...

Food for the soul!

Sunny days by the beach...

And sand of my feet!
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28 Jun 2007

And the heart goes...

Dedup. Dedup. Dedup. Dedup. DedupDedup. DedupDedupDedupDedupDedup. DedupDedupDedupDedupDedupDedupDedup. Dedup. Dedup. Dedup.
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24 Jun 2007

Ms. Highness

So Ms. Highness went back home last nite, high as high can be, feeling like the world belonged to her, like for once in her life she was living it up! On to the world wide web she went, leaving traces on her post alchohol expedition with typo errors and meaningless conversation. She takes stock of her life so far and hopes that after the happy stupor fades in the morning, life will not go back to its original boring routine. She hopes that it will somehow find meaning, that life will somehow show her what living is really all about. She hopes. She prays. And in the morning she wakes up to another new day, last night's promises lingering in the air.
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17 Jun 2007

Pick Me Up - Zoe Rice

Every once in a while, a single girl needs to take time out from the hustle and bustle of city live and just spend some quality time with... a good, witty girly book. And that's exactly what 'Pick Me Up' is all about. A light, funny book about the life and times of Ms. Izy Duncan, a successful director of an art gallary in New York. She lives in a flat with her cat Robbie (yes, his namesake is Robbie Williams)and has 2 best friends she spends her free time with. Her love life however, is less than perfect, as she struggles with her attraction for her new boss Avery and tries hard to understand the moody and mysterious artist Grady. Funny, cute and creative, I couldn't put this book down! Thanks Sri for getting me this book for my birthday!:)

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8 Jun 2007

Yesterday's? So obselete!

Life is "funny" sometimes. Yesterday's post was the centre of my universe and today it is completely obselete. I received three messages from the "damn interesting but bloody annoying guy". Turns out he's been busy with work and stuff. The correct smiley for this occasion would be the one with the two rosy but embarresed cheeks. *LOL* Still it's interesting how impermenent life's episodes can be.

This reminds me of a song by Alanis Morissette called Thank U.

the moment I let go of it was the moment
I got more than I could handle
the moment I jumped off of it
was the moment I touched down

Very true Alanis, very true.

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7 Jun 2007

So damn interesting yet so bloody annoying!

Why are some guys so interesting and yet so damn bloody annoying? That is the question. Life is the usual routine of work,home,internet and then u get introduced to someone who seems to have quite a few things in common with u. U start chatting, the online conversations flow well. U exchange a few laughs. U are confident that u could be friends and look forward to getting to know this person better as time goes by. U even meet up for a cup of coffee and conversation. Things seem to go smoothly.

A couple of weeks after that, things get quiet. U hardly meet online and any attempts of emailing this interesting person remains one sided. Then u start to wonder if u've said something wrong or not said enough.

A while back I'd start psycho-analysing the whole situation, disect the chats or comments into different segments and try to find out what I said that could have an impact of such disasterous proportions. Not anymore. I don't have the time nor the energy, even the slightest inclination to do that anymore. Times have changed...

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6 Jun 2007

Sugar & Spice

Tired. Sleepy. Feeling kinda PMS-ey. That's what Anu is currently made of.
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5 Jun 2007

The Mend of the World is Near

Today is World Environment Day. A good day for us to reflect on what we can do to help mend Mother Earth's sufferings. Being a ardent fan of the environment since young, today I re-confirm my pledge to take of Earth better.

Some of the questions you could ask yourself today:

What's the number one thing you are doing to help tackle climate change?
-I don't use plastic bags whenever possible. That includes putting groceries in a environmentally friendly bag.

What one extra thing could you do to help tackle climate change?
-I could cut down on excessive water usage on a daily basis. I will also recycle better from now on.

What's stopping you?
-Me and my thoughtlessness!

For more info go to:

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3 Jun 2007

Review: The Namesake

The Namesake was an interesting movie. It revolves around the Ganguli family, particularly the son Gogol who in his quest to be American, puts his own culture and family in the backseat. He changes his name to Nikhil, and persues his own life as an architect in New York, hardly ever thinking about his family in his daily routine.On one of his rare visits to his parents home, his father tells him of how he got the name Gogol. His father Ashok was on a train reading the book 'The Overcoat' by Nokolai Gogol when the train derailed. Gogol was the reminder of the days after that incident. When his father dies suddenly Gogol found his family, his culture and most importantly himself. After a year of marriage he discovers his wife was having an affair. Gogol decides to listen to his late father and decides to travel, which enables him to finally be free.

All in all it was a good movie, although I prefer Monsoon Wedding for sure!

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2 Jun 2007

The Namesake

I am very excited today. Today after months and months of waiting, I am finally gonna watch 'The Namesake' at 9pm at KLCC! If u haven't heard about it yet, it's about the Ganguli family who journey from Calcutta to New York to find new lives and new opportunities. As the fate of many immigrants, they are confronted by cultural perils and confusions as they become a part of America's culture. Definitely my kinda movie! Hope it lives up to expectations. Will blog about it later. Until then, feast ur eyes and ears on the trailer.

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