26 Mar 2009

Lucky Me!

There are days when u r glad to be who u are. There are days when u realise ur job is not all that bad after all. Yesterday was one of those days. For yesterday I lived the life of a model.

Make up- 40 minutes (and a whole lot of it!)

Lunch-0 minutes (don't want to ruin all that make up!)

Hair-20 minutes (the torture ur hair has to go through to be 'perfect')

Waiting for your turn for shooting -1 hour that felt like a month!

Posing for the camera in various situations - 40 minutes.

Thought for the day: I am so glad I am a writer and not a model.

(Now it's time for that much needed sleep!)
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17 Mar 2009


Sometimes things just get complicated. One day u are just happily minding your own business, doing your own thing, and the next, everything changes.

Some people are just idiots, total users. They use other people to get their job done. And in that process make things difficult for others; the ones who are actually doing their jobs.

But unfortunately reality is such that these idiots are the ones who call the shots, who get to be decision makers, to have the last word.

And I, just have to soldier on, and pray that things will get better.
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6 Mar 2009

Highlight of the week - Jason Mraz

Things are happpening, many things. To blog about it or not - that is THE question. I suppose eventually it will all have to come out, but at this point of time, I am happy to sweep it under the rug. Just for now. And focus on the good things. Highlights, u could say.

The numero uno highlight is ...

I was very lucky to be at the Jason Mraz's press conference on Wednesday, March 4. Seeing him so close by was really an amazing feeling. Journalists from other magazines and newspapers were there, asking him questions...for a moment I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. I wouldn't be able to ask Jason Mraz even one question out of 10 that I prepared in anticipation to the exciting event. The emcee for the pc, Serena C asked if there were any last questions. And then in happened. My hand shot up and I asked him: How do u define success? He thought about it for a moment, expressed how he felt about his days as a singer-songwriter, and then said "When ur loving what ur doing, that means ur successful." And as he answered the question, he looked straight at me. Talk about a highlight! It was just amazing.

His concert at Stadium Negara was fantabulous. His voice was amazing. And his tactics to get the audience to interact with him - totally successful. The fans really got into I'm Yours, including yours truly. I have never sang or screamed so loudly in my life. And what do I have after the great one and a half hours of entertainment? A sorethroat. Totally worth it though. If I could go back in time, I'd do the same thing.

And yeah, highlight numero dos - I've got a new laptop - the Dell Studio and I am lovin' it!

Here's hoping for more highlights!
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