26 Mar 2009

Lucky Me!

There are days when u r glad to be who u are. There are days when u realise ur job is not all that bad after all. Yesterday was one of those days. For yesterday I lived the life of a model.

Make up- 40 minutes (and a whole lot of it!)

Lunch-0 minutes (don't want to ruin all that make up!)

Hair-20 minutes (the torture ur hair has to go through to be 'perfect')

Waiting for your turn for shooting -1 hour that felt like a month!

Posing for the camera in various situations - 40 minutes.

Thought for the day: I am so glad I am a writer and not a model.

(Now it's time for that much needed sleep!)


Dash said...

oh, that mustve been such a treat! its always nice to take some time off and feel pretty!

sri said...

anu ur an awesome writer! (and i believe model too... shall wait for the edition)

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