26 Dec 2009

Book Review: Spain by the horns

I picked up this book at the Big Bad Book Sale recently. I must admit, the cover was the first reason I did so - a cover, so rich and colourful. The second reason was because of the word 'Spain'. I am a fan of all things Spanish.

This story by Tim Elliot, an Australian journalist who sets off to Spain to find out what makes Jesulin, a famous metador, tick. As he criss-crosses the country in search of an interview with Jesulin, he meets interesting characters that show what Spanish culture is all about - colour, costumes, music and passion.

An easy read that provides an insight to all things Spain, in a fun and fast-paced manner.
Rating: 3.5/5
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22 Dec 2009

All I wanted for Christmas (Updated on 26/12)

is an iPod nano! but what I ended up getting is:

which isn't too bad cos' I do need help being more organised at work!
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19 Dec 2009

KK In Pictures

No prizes for guessing why I'm slow on the blogging of my exciting trip to KK. Lazy, tired and...lazy. What else can I say? And then I wanted to cut and paste snippets from my article here, but alas it is not working. So here I am offering you photos of the trip and a chance to read my article about the trip on Malay Mail's website.

The amazing balcony outside ShangriLa Rasa Ria's Ocean View room.

A picture perfect view from my room.

Soft, powdery sand at Pantai Dalit, Tuaran.

The view of the resort from the air taken while on my first ever helicopter ride.

The Dalit Bay Golf and Country Resort...lovely!

It's a jungle out there - trees one of the wonderful sights in KK.

Cinta who looked quite comfortable at the nature reserve at the resort.

Afiq and Redge sharing a meal at the nature reserve. (Cute eh?)

I didn't get a chance to explore KK as much as I hoped as I was on tight schedule. So there is nothing else to do but go back to KK once more, on my own time (and money) and discover what it has to offer.
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3 Dec 2009

Shameless Gloating...

Sometimes I can't help but love my job.
That's not to say there is nothing bad about the job. It doesn't pay very well, just enough for me to get by. The hours can be long. Sometimes I have to work on my off days. It requires lots and lots of energy. But somehow the experiences make for all that. The experiences are the perks.

This weekend's trip to KK is an example of a perk. Not only do I get to stay in a 5 star resort, but I will also get a chance to go on a helicopter ride and check out the orangutans at the sanctuary. How cool is that? Of course I'll have to be writing about the experience, but I am not complaining. What's there to complain since I'll be doing what I love best - writing?

Sometimes I just can't help but love my job.

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1 Dec 2009


I found out that I am going to Sabah. Kota Kinabalu to be precise. Yes, it is for work. I will have to come up with 3 articles about the 3-day trip. But I really don't mind. Being a KK virgin, I'm completely excited about the whole trip. More shameless gloating coming soon... :)
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20 Nov 2009


Blogging seems to be taking a back seat these days.

Work as always remains the priority. Call here, go there, assignment in KL, PJ, everywhere. A goodie bag every time. It's all very exciting for sure. But sometimes I wish there was something else to look forward to, something deeper. More meaningful.

And as much as I enjoy my off days, they also remind me of the empty spaces around me. It's not the end of the world really, but there is that nagging feeling that something is missing.

When that feeling persists, there is nothing much I can do, except to accept the truth, relent and...create funny pictures of myself. HAHAHA.

Lady Anu

Manly Anu.

Really, Truly, Anu.
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8 Nov 2009

Busy Bee

It has been a while since I've blogged, it has.

A lot has happened since then. The most significant is that my sister is now married. That I now have a brother-in-law. Despite very minor hicups, all went well. As I didn't do much to help them out with their BIG DAY, I thought it was only fitting that I give them a present - the montage I created (with the help of my cousins) for their reception. (See video below)

As for me, the wedding and reception has confirmed that I for one, am not a 'wedding' person. If I do get married, just a simple civil ceremony is good for me, followed by a party (maybe two). I want it to be as simple as uncomplicated as possible. Now I will just have to hope that I will find that simple, uncomplicated guy. Good luck to me!

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6 Oct 2009

The question

Why is there one person who can change the course of your day just by a question?
And no matter how much u want to say NO,NO your heart says YES, YES and it somehow escapes from the lips without much warning.
But every minute feels like a blessing and when the time comes to take leave, it is done with a hope that there will be the next meeting....when once again my eyes and heart will feast on you.
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25 Sep 2009

Never the same!

After a little over a year of being a writer/journalist for a newspaper, I am starting to get excited about assignments.

Some days the assignments are easy peasy, other days not so. But on many many occasions, I am inspired by the people I meet, many for small little things they do. Sometimes the inspiration happens instantly, like last weekend; when Datuk Bridget Menezes said "the greatest disease of the mind is thinking too much!".

Other times it takes a little time to sink in, like the one when I met Ashley Fruno aka The Lettuce Lady, who was at Pavillion a few weeks back.

Ashley's peaceful campaign to let "Vegetarianism Grow On You" took its time to make an impact on me. Although her fresh, green gown of lettuce was an inspiring fashion statement, the real message, I received a few days later at home enjoying tandoori chicken while watching tv.

Just then I heard a voice in my head go "In every package of chicken, there's a little poop." (Just like it did in the video Chew On This -Reasons To Go Vegetarian).And suddenly tandoori chicken wasn't so yummy anymore.

Thanks Ashley and Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Thanks a lot for ruining tandoori chicken for me.

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20 Sep 2009

I DId It!

42 days of no rice and noodles. 42 days without coffee. An average of 10,500 steps per day.

And the best thing is trying out my old clothes and being able to wear them again. Yay!

On to the next round and another 5 kgs! :)

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16 Sep 2009


Every once in a while amidst an ordinary life, something interesting happens.

It feels like it could be one of those wide balls u get with when skies are grey.

You can't say if this wide ball is the one that will save the game. But the feeling of getting that wide ball, that one extra run and the hope it represents - priceless.

My aim is to celebrate gettting that one extra point; to enjoy it, to savour it until the end of it's time, regardless of its life span.

Thank u for extra one!

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6 Sep 2009

Beautiful Bali

Back from Bali, obviously but have been a bit busy (and lazy) to blog about it.

Needless to say it was an interesting experience, travelling to Bali with Cathy, who was on her maiden trip overseas on her own plus moi. While there were some minor hicups, as things never
go as planned when on a holiday, we managed to get past it and end up having lots of fun and bringing back the infamous Kek Lapis. Loved the cheese one!

Being on a diet in Bali wasn't that fun either, but I manage to return without causing too much far so good. The sate was good though, really good. 100 times yummier than
the Malaysian ones. And I caved in and had a Bintang beer just before the flight back home, which I know was totally evil of moi.

What else can I say? Bali is one of the most beautiful places I've been to and it's one of my favourite holiday places. Next time though, I think I will go with a guy. That place is just too romantic for just girlies.

Here are some picture I took of the trip. U know what they say - a picture says a thousand words and this is sooooo true. Below are worth at least 10,000 words if not more...(and I will not apologise for taking more pictures of Bali and not me, I truly enjoyed experimenting with the camera)

All set to sail - at Tanjung Benoa beach

The Boatman

Solitary boat at Tanjung Benoa

The perfect angle at Tanjung Benoa

Low Tide at Tanjung Benoa

Dotty sky at Peninsula Beach Resort, Tanjung Benoa

Island in the sky in Kintamani

Tanah Lot just before sunset

Cathy & I at Tanah Lot

Our guides Rani and Pak Ngurah at Mt Batur

Just me and the sea!
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22 Aug 2009

Bali Calling!

So finally the time has come for me to leave for Bali. I will be leaving on Monday 24/8 and returning on Saturday 29/8.
It's gonna be fun and yet a little different from my last trip there in 07'. This time I won't be having nasi goreng at almost all restaurants. This time it's going to be a protein/vege and limited alco sorta thing.
Well, there will always be satay...and the beach to look forward to.
Until I return with tales and photos...adios.
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16 Aug 2009

Of hopes and dreams

Last night I dreamt I was expecting.

Like all dreams it felt so real. Big stomach and all. I remember how difficult it was to walk. And in my dream I was not married, nor was I with with someone. I remember feeling a little worried about the process of giving birth, but I was determined to have that baby.

Waking up this morning I wondered what it meant. I am definitely not pregnant, that's for sure. But that whole 'with child' experience isn't something I can forget so fast or easily.

Looking up the largest encyclopedia in the world I learnt -

"To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal."

I could very well be in this situation. Yes I do want a child, a baby soon but he or she does not necessarily have share my genes. I could see myself adopting, if I have a balanced my financial situation in the future. So perhaps (I believe) the dream is about my new personal project, my full force attempt at getting healthy and staying there. It could also be about work and my developing my writing skills.

Or maybe it could be something that I haven't thought about yet...

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9 Aug 2009

I am Serious!

So tomorrow will mark my first time on a 'serious' diet.

On on the disadvantages of working in a lifestyle section for a newspaper is that u have to cover assignments in hotels, where after the press conference or interview, u are offered an array of yummy local and international delicacies. (Believe me this is a disadvantage!)

While u can eat as little as u can in every event, as time goes by, it all adds up. Before u know it, a blob stares at u when u look into the mirror. Your old clothes seem to have shrunk. The weighing scale merely tells u what u already know - u have indeed put on weight.

As I pondered on what to do next I met an interesting lady, also while I was on assignment who told me about this weight loss and maintaining programme. After research and chats with a few others I decided to embark on this diet. Why do I say it is a 'serious' diet? Cos' I will have people calling me everyday asking me how I am doing and I have to meet my mentor every week...make sure I get at least 10,000 steps everyday. Serious right?

So tomorrow is THE day. Wish me luck, I shall be on my best behaviour.

And soon the blob will turn into a un-blob. ;)
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29 Jul 2009

Inspirational Yasmin

I have been quite emo this week, maybe two.

Just as I felt somewhat normal again, Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

How unfortunate that I did not get to interview the great mind behind the simple and yet powerful ads and movies. She was so inspiring, truly Malaysian in heart and soul.

I wish I could come up with stories like she did. To write stories with the potential to change minds and lives like that would be any writer's dream come true, including me.

Again I am reminded of my own journey through life. Of taking time off and smelling the roses. Taking opportunities that come by. Enjoying life to the best of my ability. And making a difference in the lives of those around me. U never know when it will be your last day.

Thank you Yasmin for giving us a little more spirit, hope and dreams.
You will be remembered. You will be missed.
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13 Jul 2009

Seeking solace

Sometimes I get emo. Like when I was writing the previous post. So so emo.

But I am not always like that. I know that I need to keep my options open, that I should meet more people, get to know them and who knows, connections may be established, sparks may just fly.

And when times get tough, when loneliness creeps in, I just have to remember the people around me who love me. My friends who make me laugh. I shall remember that finally, I am what I've always wanted to be - a writer. And I shall find solace in all that is true and colourful in my life.

I shall try.

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10 Jul 2009

Que Sera Sera

Hope is one four letter word I can't quite figure out.

People say it's a good feeling to have. A sign of optimism. A belief that everything will turn out well in the end. But is hope always a good thing?

Hope by itself does not perform miracles. No amount of hope can stop someone from dying when it is his time. Hope can't make u win the lottery on Saturday, no matter how much u want it to happen.

What is the use of possessing all the hope in the world in your heart?Wishing that someone u care for, someone u would protect from harsh words and ugly intentions, someone u would give your heart completely, would feel the same way for u.

How do u ignore the quiet whispers of the heart that tells u that he is the one, the soulmate u have been waiting for? Could u be wrong, could I? The possibility is there, I suppose.

What can I say or do except to enjoy life's little moments and let Fate decide my course. Whatever will be will be. Right?
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5 Jul 2009


I first learnt of Michael Jackson's death when I logged on to Facebook on Friday morning, 10am.

The death of the 50-year-old superstar dominated almost all of my friend's status updates that day. I have to admit I also jumped on the 'RIP MJ' bandwagon. An MJ fan I am not, but shaken I was.

I wasn't expecting anything much when my friend Gunalan asked me to join him at a 'Tribute to MJ' at One Utama. I was pretty sure it was going to be soppy (read corny) affair, nothing I would be interested in, so I went along wih him for company.

I was wrong. The videos they showed made me remember those days when I was a kid, watching the same 'Beat It' or 'Billy Jean' video. While the MJ impersonators were pretty good, it was Praveen (Or Pravin?) from Seremban who blew me away with his rendition of 'You Are Not Alone'. And boy could he dance!

I found myself equally moved by the music as I sang along to songs that I knew. Most touching of all, was the candle light dedication from the fans to MJ, very touching indeed. The tribute made me realise that after all the name caling and accusations hurled at the guy, you can't deny the power MJ had over people, from all over the world. He, truly showed that music travels beyond borders and languages, transcends race, religion, sex or political affliation and stays where it matters most, the heart.

Music has that power while death reminds us of our own mortality. We can't all be Michael Jackson, and move millions of people around the world. But when the time comes, it would be great if I am remembered for doing what I love and doing it with heart and soul.
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24 Jun 2009

Numero Dos

We have all been given a new task at work - we are required to blog about work, our thoughts and feelings as a journalist, behind the scenes, edited articles etc etc.

As if updating and maintaining one blog is not hard enough! Now I've got to have two...cos' I like this blog to be private, almost invisible. I like getting my four or five comments from the usual suspects - Saby, Anu, Nalina, Dash, my friends Sri, Cathy and Suresh Nair. I am perfectly contented. I don't want the whole of Klang Valley or Malaysia reading my innermost thoughts, thank you very much.

So yes, now I've got two blogs! Good luck to me. Let's see how it goes...
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19 Jun 2009

I did IT!

Just minutes after I blogged yesterday, I was presented an opportunity to be true to myself.

The lady who sits across from me, once again started her complaints about me. That I sit on my stories. That she can't understand why I can't write two stories a day. My blood started to boil. So it doesn't mean shit that I am the only one in the section, who has to write articles from entertainment, health, education, the tv highlights, the around town section, be in charge of the numerology section...

I pointed out that I was working on something that is due next week, which is more important than one that is going to start on the third week on July. Then she went on one of these rants and I just couldn't take it anymore.

I told her if she was not happy with me, to find someone else to help her. She replied she would talk to the new management and transfer me to another section. I said, please do!

Emotional after saying it, I wondered if I had done the right thing. I still have to work with her after that, and I don't like things being difficult at work...but I knew it was the right thing to do when I felt relief, like a huge burden had been lifted.

So yay! Anu did it! :)
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18 Jun 2009

Heartspeak 3

Sometimes I feel like I have been truly honest for a long time.

My past posts have been but a tip of the ice burg of how I really feel. But truth is I have been afraid to throw caution to the wind and blog my heart out. Life is not as peachy as it is but I don't want to make it worse by reading and rereading the sad, emotional posts.

I want to feel better and go ahead and live life to the max. Being melancholic-choleric as I recently found out, my zest for life comes in fits and starts and I know this is something I have to work on.

In the meantime, I have promised myself to use the blog as a canvas for my feelings, to be that 'shoulder' to depend on when as I continue this tumultous journey called Life.

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14 Jun 2009

Colour Quiz - True!

Your Existing Situation
Craves change and new things, always looking for new adventures and activities. Becomes restless and frustrated when she has to wait to long for things to develop. her impatience leads to irritability and a desire to move on to the next project.

Your Stress Sources
Her stubbornness and will-power has become weakened due to current difficulties. Feels overworked and emotionally drain; as if all her work is for nothing and she is getting nowhere. The situation is very real to her and she wants to escape, but has no idea how to do so or how to even approach the situation rationally.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.
Is bothered when her needs and desires are misunderstood and she feels there is no one to turn to or rely on. her self-centered attitude can cause her to be easily offended.
Conceited and is easily insulted. Holds back emotionally but is able to find satisfaction through sexual activity.

Your Desired Objective

Looking for a loving relationship, which brings happiness and contentment. Brings emotional excitement to the relationship. Helpful and willing to give as much as she takes, and requires the same sort of giving relationship from others.

Your Actual Problem
Tension and stress is brought on by trying to cope with conditions which are out of her control, using up all her strength and leaving her feeling inadequate. she wishes to escape into a more peaceful and problem-free environment, in which she will no longer have to assert herself or deal with so much pressure.
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7 Jun 2009

Wide ball mystery

Sometimes life give you a wide ball.
(A cricket term where a pitch that travels too far from the batter for him to have a reasonable chance of hitting it, resulting in the pitcher having to throw the ball again, and a penalty run is scored for the batting team).

Just when u are ready to give up, to erase any proof of being there, done that, life presents u with an offer u can't resist. Someone who reads, someone who's emails are like a breath of fresh air. Someone with quality who wants to be a friend.

Although u never know if that wide ball, that one extra run will result in winning the match. U gotta embrace that one extra run and continue to bat, then bowl, every time, giving it your best shot, a 100 percent.

If the one run results in u winning the match, then woo hoo! If not then, u just gotta think of it as an extra run, full stop. End of story. And that's what I am going to do, go with the flow, enjoy every extra run. :)
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31 May 2009

Guess who's gonna be in HBO's Entourage?

My cousin Ashwin Nair!
(Isn't he a cutie?)

The details are kindy sketchy at the moment, but when I find out I will let you all know. I am sure u r all dying to know... :P

UPDATE: He will be in three episodes of Entourage...still not sure when this will be though...:)
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16 May 2009

Food for the soul

When skies are grey, when there are more questions than answers...

I seek comfort in the small but significant things in life...BOOKS!

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13 May 2009


we'd rise post-obstacle
more defined more grateful
we would heal be humbled
and be unstoppable
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10 May 2009


Some times, some things are just not meant to be. No matter how much u want it to work out or how much enthusiasm u have for it, it just doesn't work out.

Maybe I jumped into it, too fast and too deep. I was unsure if it is the right thing to do, but I took a chance. And for that I am glad. Perhaps there is something better out there. There has to be...

Life is too short for regrets, they say. I believe it too.

All I need is a new beginning.

And I have

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9 May 2009

Check 123!

Just checking out blogging via Microsoft Word. Is this working? Lemme see.

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30 Apr 2009

I Am (The Woman)

It's official. I am no longer that timid girl who used to sit in class, knowing the answer but not wanting to put her hand up. I am no longer the girl who used to let her friend Venessa pinch her and not say a thing about it. And I am definitely not the girl who kept her real self hidden inside as her boyfriend analysed her every move.

I am the one who gives a 110 percent at work. I am one who gets things done. I am the one that people look for to solve problems. And I am the woman who stands up for herself and demands to be counted, when she knows she has done the right thing.
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15 Apr 2009

Heart Speak 2

The birthday is over. The mini-break in Miri too. And the 'new year'.

Now it's back to business. Back to taking baby steps to the next level - work, dreams, love.

There's a lot more that I have to strive for, to be a better person, but I do know that I have made progress by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to communication - thanks to this crazy job as a journalist.

Personally, it's not so easy. It's the hardest thing to say I care about u. That everyday I care about u more and more. That I want to be your best friend and lover. That I want to love u till the end of time.
I just need a little time. A little more time.
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26 Mar 2009

Lucky Me!

There are days when u r glad to be who u are. There are days when u realise ur job is not all that bad after all. Yesterday was one of those days. For yesterday I lived the life of a model.

Make up- 40 minutes (and a whole lot of it!)

Lunch-0 minutes (don't want to ruin all that make up!)

Hair-20 minutes (the torture ur hair has to go through to be 'perfect')

Waiting for your turn for shooting -1 hour that felt like a month!

Posing for the camera in various situations - 40 minutes.

Thought for the day: I am so glad I am a writer and not a model.

(Now it's time for that much needed sleep!)
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17 Mar 2009


Sometimes things just get complicated. One day u are just happily minding your own business, doing your own thing, and the next, everything changes.

Some people are just idiots, total users. They use other people to get their job done. And in that process make things difficult for others; the ones who are actually doing their jobs.

But unfortunately reality is such that these idiots are the ones who call the shots, who get to be decision makers, to have the last word.

And I, just have to soldier on, and pray that things will get better.
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6 Mar 2009

Highlight of the week - Jason Mraz

Things are happpening, many things. To blog about it or not - that is THE question. I suppose eventually it will all have to come out, but at this point of time, I am happy to sweep it under the rug. Just for now. And focus on the good things. Highlights, u could say.

The numero uno highlight is ...

I was very lucky to be at the Jason Mraz's press conference on Wednesday, March 4. Seeing him so close by was really an amazing feeling. Journalists from other magazines and newspapers were there, asking him questions...for a moment I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. I wouldn't be able to ask Jason Mraz even one question out of 10 that I prepared in anticipation to the exciting event. The emcee for the pc, Serena C asked if there were any last questions. And then in happened. My hand shot up and I asked him: How do u define success? He thought about it for a moment, expressed how he felt about his days as a singer-songwriter, and then said "When ur loving what ur doing, that means ur successful." And as he answered the question, he looked straight at me. Talk about a highlight! It was just amazing.

His concert at Stadium Negara was fantabulous. His voice was amazing. And his tactics to get the audience to interact with him - totally successful. The fans really got into I'm Yours, including yours truly. I have never sang or screamed so loudly in my life. And what do I have after the great one and a half hours of entertainment? A sorethroat. Totally worth it though. If I could go back in time, I'd do the same thing.

And yeah, highlight numero dos - I've got a new laptop - the Dell Studio and I am lovin' it!

Here's hoping for more highlights!
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10 Feb 2009

A Wise Man Today Said:

"Sometimes you got to wait for the right time for things to happen and when it does it will be that much significant. It will all fall in place at the right time for you."

-My Uncle Hari-
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4 Feb 2009

Tagged by Dash!

***Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you (or I know you pretty dang well, but still quite enjoy listening to you talk about yourself).***

1. I think my legs are really sexy.
2. I like guys who have sexy, strong legs. (yeah, I am 'legs' girl!)
3. I don't like my full name, which is Anuradha, but I love what it means-a bright star.
4. I love, and I mean LOVE tofu.
5. I wouldn't want to admit it, but I have a crush on David Beckham. So much, I've read all his biographies.
6. I sent a Christmas Card to my teenage heartthrob Joey Lawrence when I was 16 years old.
7. I have a fetish for removing dirt from difficult spots. For example, the tiny stones that get stuck in between the soles of sandals or shoes. I love getting it all out.
8. I had blue, green, red and pink highlights on my hair at different times for one year, in 1998.
9. I look like my dad but have more in common with my mom.
10. I have never been bowling before.
11. I am a rebel in disguise.
12. By the time I am 50, I want to retire and live by the beach and write my best selling novel.
13. Although I am a member at a gym, I get claustrophobic after a while. I need to see the sky as I exercise, it inspires me.
14. I love margaritas.
15. I can be too nice, sometimes.
16. I love shopping at Target in Australia. LOVE!
17. I've hated cats since the day a few decided to lick my bag in piano class ages ago.
18. The one song I can play on the piano is - Love Story.
19. I flew to Australia in 2007 for a week just to see John Mayer perform live on my birthday.(And yes it was worth it!)
20. I think Kimore Lee Simmons is a very interesting woman.
21. I've watched 'Bridget Jones Diary' a zillion times and loved it every single time.
22. I get cramps when I sit too much. I prefer to stand.
23. Books mean more to me than jewelry.
24. Although they don't know it, my friends in college changed the course of my life completely.
25. I still miss my grandmother, who passed away in 1998, very much.

I tag u, cos' I wanna know about u. If u've done this before, u can copy& paste it on your blog. And Sri, I really want to know about 25 random things about u.
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31 Jan 2009


I am in a relationship. I am. The guy is an interesting one of course, a colourful character; not from the outside maybe, but inside for sure. Of course, it's all very new. We have plenty to learn about each other. I like most of what I know so far. (hey, he's only human) I hope he feels the same way about me (also human, very human).

This time around, I will take it slow, take time to get to know him properly, especially as a good friend. I will be myself and not try to be someone I am not, just to please him. I will share my thoughts and feelings with him. I will take things as it comes; go with the flow. But I totally believe there is potential with him.

Until I come up with a proper nick, for now, I shall call him Yo. Kinda cool don't u think...Yo? :P

U better!
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16 Jan 2009

Double Happiness!

I shall be there somehow! Will u?
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15 Jan 2009


Two weeks into the new year, and boy has my life changed.. The most significant change I'd have to say is that I am no longer working at the News desk at Malay Mail. I'm now the latest addition to the Lifestyle section. No more long, boring meetings. Yay!

Perks of working at the Lifestyle desk:

1. The latest I may have to work is up to 10pm...
2. I get to interview interesting people at interesting locations...
3. I get cool free gifts!

I am really excited about it and am enjoying this 'new' job very much! With the new hours and less stress I plan to continue my exercise routine (that I've been missing for many months now)
and get fit as I learn as much as I can.

To sum it up in one word - Happiness!
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12 Jan 2009


Sometimes life presents u with an opportunity u can't say no to. No matter how irrational, no matter how impractical, u take that chance and live with the consequences. Sometimes these consequences are worth the risk. They are the stuff that makes memories. But after it is gone, all there is left is the emptiness and a longing for more.

It leaves u with the question - why can't there be more?

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