9 Aug 2009

I am Serious!

So tomorrow will mark my first time on a 'serious' diet.

On on the disadvantages of working in a lifestyle section for a newspaper is that u have to cover assignments in hotels, where after the press conference or interview, u are offered an array of yummy local and international delicacies. (Believe me this is a disadvantage!)

While u can eat as little as u can in every event, as time goes by, it all adds up. Before u know it, a blob stares at u when u look into the mirror. Your old clothes seem to have shrunk. The weighing scale merely tells u what u already know - u have indeed put on weight.

As I pondered on what to do next I met an interesting lady, also while I was on assignment who told me about this weight loss and maintaining programme. After research and chats with a few others I decided to embark on this diet. Why do I say it is a 'serious' diet? Cos' I will have people calling me everyday asking me how I am doing and I have to meet my mentor every week...make sure I get at least 10,000 steps everyday. Serious right?

So tomorrow is THE day. Wish me luck, I shall be on my best behaviour.

And soon the blob will turn into a un-blob. ;)


Dash said...

I truly admire ur determination. Good luck with the new adventure.:)

aravind said...

Wish u luck Anu.Gv it ur best shot.

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