30 Jan 2007

Pandora's box demystified.

A few days ago, my friend told me that she had set the date for her big day. Yes, she's getting married! I am really happy for her, she totally deserves happiness, that's for sure. On the other hand, her revelation has magically opened up my very own "Pandora's box" (of the future).I wonder if I will be in that situation anytime; me telling friends and family, hold on to your holidays, I am getting married and want u to be there. Hmm, I wish I knew for certain, but I don't. It is, for me, a matter of 'Que Sera Sera'. Whatever will be, will be.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get married to the next fella on the street. No, not any Tony, Dominic or Hashim will do for me. He has to be the right one. And till he comes, I shall be single and happy. Reflecting on my past, I realise I wasn't the most optimistic single. I used to wish constantly that I had a boyfriend, I would daydream, romanticize situations. It was only after the failure of my relationship with my first boyfriend in 2005 that I realise things can actually be better when one's single. And that it's better to be on ur own and doing ur own thing rather than being with someone who makes u feel like u r another person. And now, for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy being single. I feel happy. Or on bad days, content.

There are times though, like last night when in bed, I turned to the other side and there wasn't anyone there. I had that distinct feeling of loneliness creeping up inside me. Hmm, not so good, that feeling. But this morning, I woke up and it was all good again and it's just another day, for me.

Another day is around the corner. Who knows, what's in store? Good things I hope, good things.

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28 Jan 2007

It's been a while...

since I blogged.

I was lazy, tired, uninspired. And then the modem started giving problems and is continuing to do so. I can't blog from work either, so here I am at a cybercafe, trying my hardest to ignore the sounds of guns going off, the screams of football fans etc etc and concentrate on an update of what's happening with me during these few days of abstinence from cyberspace.

Hmm, let's see. Yes, I did mention that I got highlights done. I really like the way it makes me look, and moreso the way it makes me feel. There is a spring in my step, there an air of extra confidence enveloping every where I go. Not to mention I feel pretty cute. Haha. I notice the guys giving me a few looks. *Perasans*. I like it!

I wonder what the parents will say when they see the new do after their trip to India. They've never been happy with my various attempts at highlighting, but well, it's my hair and my money and I am old enough to make my own decisions. Right? Absolutely right!

Otherwise all is good. There's a social event happening at work on Feb 9th and I am looking forward to it!

Now I gotta go. The noise is really getting to me. Hope the modem gets well soon! Will blog later.


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20 Jan 2007

Highlight of the week!

It's been a long time since I blogged I know. I did blog last night, but due to my sleepiness, I accidently pressed the wrong button and everything got wiped off the screen. All my hard work down the drain. Not good at all.

Anyways, as of today, I have a new hair style. I went to the saloon today and got it cut and highlights done. I think I look pretty good, if I have to say so myself. :P I have always enjoyed the feeling of the scissors go snip, snip. The combination of the snip and sound always makes me want to fall asleep. It's been like that for years, ever since I was a kid. I read a magazine while the rust colour seeped into my hair. Chemicals, yes yes, it's chemicals. And when the hair dresser started to dry my hair, I hoped against hope that it looked alright. That I didn't end up a fashion disaster or that there was no colour on my hair at all! At first glance I see nothing except black wet hair, but after a delay of 10 seconds I see it - colour! And when she is done I see nothing but rusty brown and I look different. Cool and sophisticated. My t-shirt and shorts soooooo didn't match my hair anymore! Haha!

Needless to say, I spent many minutes in front of the mirror today, checking my hair out.

Oh, wonder what my mother will say after she comes back from her Indian holiday... Haha! She will flip for sure! Ah well, I am 30 and I am entitled to do something different with my hair if I want to, aren't 1?

Anyways, it's past 12. I wanna go to the gym tomorrow so I better get to bed. Shall blog better real soon.

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10 Jan 2007

Lucky Me!

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

The Bottom Line

Take an extra moment or two to remind yourself that you have a wonderful life.

In Detail

Your task today is to appreciate everything. This doesn't mean that you should write a thank-you note for everyone who smiles at you today, but it does mean that you should take an extra second every once in a while to remind yourself that you have it so much better than so many other people. Sure, things aren't perfect -- and sometimes the people you love can drive you a bit crazy. But you wouldn't trade it for anything -- this is a day to contemplate that.

An interesting horoscope for today, indeed! After surviving 4 days at work without electricity and water, I feel like I am about to burst. The only thing that’s keeping me going in my ability to complain about the situation to anyone who starts a conversation with me! They say they can’t do much as it’s a part of the renovation for the school, but come on, how do u expect people to work in such an environment? I’d like to see the big boss do that at the library! I’ve been feeling irritated and am very sure I’ve irritated everyone else around me with my complaints. Ah well, it’s probably going to be just for another day, so they can handle it! :P They say it will be back by Friday. I am sooooooo keeping fingers crossed. The kids will be coming back to school on Monday so obviously everything will be fine by then.

I had to laugh when I read today’s horoscope on Friendster! So thing’s aren’t perfect – u don’t have electricity or water in ur office; the mosquitoes have had a field day sucking ur blood; and I can’t open the windows wide as there is danger that the monkeys may get in.But well, I should be happy that I have a job, that I have my own money, that I have family and friends who love me. I’ve just been reminded that some guys think I’m pretty hot. ;) I am working on my resolutions for the year. I can surf the Net at home with just a little bit of interruptions, I have food to eat and water to drink, a roof over my head too. It’s true, I do have it better than a lot of people but I would trade it for a day or two for some electricity and water tomorrow! Do u blame me?

One more day to go with no electricity…And u can bet I am going to reward myself this weekend… I deserve it! Till another day...

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6 Jan 2007

Forging ahead.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Look to get out in public; let everyone know just who you are. There are opportunities under the sun over the next few months that work long-term in your favor. Forge ahead.

I like today's horoscope. I certainly plan to get out in public more this year. In fact next week I shall be going on one of my experiments - speed dating. I must admit the thought of having 8 minutes of conversation with 10 strangers is a little unnerving. And yet strangely exciting. Whatever happens, it will be some experience alright!

Actually, I am not doing too bad on the social front. I met up with a colleague of mine after work yesterday. We went to Sentul and had a luvly feast of sizzling taufu & chili chicken. Yummmm! It was really interesting talking to her. An April baby herself, we had a lot of things in common. I will definitely be chilin' with her again soon.

Ok, so it's back to business now that the partying is over. Back to going to the gym, going for walks, eating healthily, writing and planning; making the most of what I have.

To forging ahead! *Cheers*


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2 Jan 2007

Hello 2007

New Year's Eve went off rather well, inspite me almost burning the sweet & sour tofu I made for dinner that nite. At least the pepper chicken was alrite. And with the fried brocolli & ikan bilis, it was quite a tasty new year's feast. I thought it wasn't spicy enough. A friend said it was a tad spicy. Poor fella. I gave him ice-cream to cool him down. :) As the clock struck 12, I was on the phone to my aunty, who likes to be punctual especially when wishing! After that it was a couple more JD-coke's while listening to that soulful music of John Mayer's I love so much. I went to bed at 2am.

The first day of the new year was pretty good. I watched 'A Night at the Museum' with friends Cathy and Lazar. It was quite funny but u would expect that, wouldn't u, if Ben Stiller was in it. And later, it was to Finnigans for some luvly, luvly wine. I came back home at 9pm, slightly intoxicated and happy. What a good start to a new year! :)

Today's holiday was spent at 1 Utama & The Curve, window shopping with cousins. Just came back half an hour ago actually. Although tired, I am glad I went along with them; I know that Nichii will be THE place to go for shopping now!

And tomorrow it is back to work! There's only 3 days to go till the weekend so that is good...Oh, I've decided to try out speed dating soon. A sort of experiment really, just to see how it works. Did u not know that the year 2007 is not only Visit Malaysia Year but also, Go Experiment Year? Yeah, so now that u know, go on, do ur thing, experiment a little. ;)

Tis' late. Gotta decide what to wear to work tomorrow. Adios!
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