2 Jan 2007

Hello 2007

New Year's Eve went off rather well, inspite me almost burning the sweet & sour tofu I made for dinner that nite. At least the pepper chicken was alrite. And with the fried brocolli & ikan bilis, it was quite a tasty new year's feast. I thought it wasn't spicy enough. A friend said it was a tad spicy. Poor fella. I gave him ice-cream to cool him down. :) As the clock struck 12, I was on the phone to my aunty, who likes to be punctual especially when wishing! After that it was a couple more JD-coke's while listening to that soulful music of John Mayer's I love so much. I went to bed at 2am.

The first day of the new year was pretty good. I watched 'A Night at the Museum' with friends Cathy and Lazar. It was quite funny but u would expect that, wouldn't u, if Ben Stiller was in it. And later, it was to Finnigans for some luvly, luvly wine. I came back home at 9pm, slightly intoxicated and happy. What a good start to a new year! :)

Today's holiday was spent at 1 Utama & The Curve, window shopping with cousins. Just came back half an hour ago actually. Although tired, I am glad I went along with them; I know that Nichii will be THE place to go for shopping now!

And tomorrow it is back to work! There's only 3 days to go till the weekend so that is good...Oh, I've decided to try out speed dating soon. A sort of experiment really, just to see how it works. Did u not know that the year 2007 is not only Visit Malaysia Year but also, Go Experiment Year? Yeah, so now that u know, go on, do ur thing, experiment a little. ;)

Tis' late. Gotta decide what to wear to work tomorrow. Adios!

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