30 Dec 2006

Goodbye 2006!

As the year comes to an end, the usual questions come up. How would I rate the year 06'? What have I accomplished, learnt? Am I actually going to have resolutions in 07', seeing that resolutions are almost always never accomplished? 06' has been an interesting and important year for me. My 2 year stint in Australia ended in mid June. I learnt a lot from my time there. My perceptions have changed a tad, that's what being forced out of your comfort zone does to u.

I learnt about relationships, about dreams, about feeling comfortable in my own skin. It's taught me that the grass is not always greener on the other side, it just appears to be so. I've learnt that no matter what people say or think, it's what u think and feel that REALLY matters. That sometimes, u just gotta do what u feel like doing, irrespective of its consequences. I've lost weight and then put it right back on again. I've laughed a lot, smiled and cried. I've come home.

All in all, 06 u've been a pretty good year. We shall always have the memories. As for resolutions, yes I have em'. I figure it's better to have them and start working towards them than not doing anything at all. Maybe next year I'll actually accomplish a few of them. I shall definitely try.

My resolutions are:
1. lose weight and get fit ( 5kgs in 5 months Anu, u can do it!).
2. find a job that is close to my heart.
3. be more sociable, keep in touch with my friends.
4. be open to possibilities; to draw my thinking box bigger.
5. write a play/short piece of fiction.

All the rest, i am just gonna go with the flow. ;) I've always liked that motto. Hmmm, well this is is for today. I think I shall be at home tomorrow, New Year's Eve, either hanging out with my friends or by myself, watch a few movies, have a little drink. Whatever it will be, I shall be looking forward to 2007, coming up next.

Happy New Year & May U Have A Fruitful Year Ahead! Yes, u!



Dominah said...

Anu, you are almost accomplishing your resolutions! :)

Anu said...

Yes almost! After 4 years, haha. But still, better late than never, eh? :P

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