26 Mar 2011

Hong Kong Post Mortem

I started putting up pictures of my trip to Hong Kong earlier, and then as I looked at it, it was all so crappy. I don't like em'. :P Is this the real me, or the PMS talking I really can't say. Time will tell, I guess. In the meantime, I guess you'll have to bare with me ranting about the trip.

Hong Kong was brilliant. My favourites would be the breezy public transport system, in particular the MTR, which is like Malaysia's own LRT but much more convenient as it covers many more stations. This made travelling arouund the island an easy and interesting experience. The other thing that I liked is the Star Ferry, that takes passengers from Hong Kong to Kowloon (which can also be reached by the MTR by the way). Maybe it's the fact that we have no such ferries in KL, that got me into it in the first place. If I was living in Hong Kong, I would want to go on the ferry at least 3 times a week, it was just so relaxing.

Having gone there with my underaged cousins Divya and Dhanya (they just finished their SPM exam and did brilliantly by the way) there was no question about checking out the various entertain outlets aka pubs there, especially the the Lan Kwai Fong area. Not that I wanted to drink but it looked like a nice place to chill.

The PG 13 trip started off with us figuring how to get from my cousin's place in Sheung Wan to the CBD, which honestly didn't take too long as it was so easy to get around Hong Kong. And then we got tickets to go to Disneyland and tour. The hardest part was finding places to eat, there were plenty of nice places but everything seemed to be in Chinese, so it was difficult to figure out the menu, hence we decided to play safe and dine at places with English menus. On the whole food wasn't that great in Hong Kong and boy was it expensive!

The tour was good. My favourite in particular was the Stanley Road Market, where we bought a lot of little knick knacks. Sitting on the bus listening to the commentary was also an interesting experience, I must add. But more so we walked a lot and the girls were often tired of walking.

Disneyland too was apart of the agenda but alas, when we got there the girls were more interested in the gift shops than any ride! So I forced them to go on a few including Tarzan's treehouse and Winnie the Pooh. We enjoyed the 3d show though.

The rest of the time we were walking around, a lot. I must admit. I am sure the girls must have been thinking, holidays with Anu Chechi must be all about walking...and yes, it sure is. I enjoyed it though. Did you know that the longest escalator is located in Hong Kong? It goes right up to the suburbs. It was an interesting sight, I must say.

Spending 5 and a half days there was a good enough time, although I must say I missed out on going to Lantau Island which was my plan. Still it was a good break and it was fun hanging around with my cousins.

Until I decide (or not) to put up the pictures, this is it for now. :)
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3 Mar 2011

Missing U

I still dream about my father. I suppose it happens when I keep thinking about him. When I miss his presence at home and wish for the millionth time that I had spent more time with him. As I get ready to go off for my short holiday to Hong Kong, I remember how he would be the one to change my Malaysian ringgit to the currency of the country I would be visiting. How he would remind me to write a list of things to take so that I wouldn't forget anything. How he would ask me if I had remembered to take my toothbrush and socks.

I remember the last time I went to Australia, in March last year. He had dropped me off at LCCT and I said my goodbye to him as I got off the car. But as I was getting my boarding ticket at the check-in counter, he was suddenly by my side. I asked him why he had come in and he said there was parking available and he decided to come and see me off. He stayed with me as I bought some Malaysian sweets for my friend in Melbourne and waited till I decided to proceed to immigration. There were no hugs as we are not the hugging type. Just a touch on the shoulder and the promise of seeing each other again in 10 days. Little did I know that it would be the last time he would be dropping me to the airport.

And last night I had a dream about him again. Nothing out of the ordinary, just him in the car. But in my dream, once again I attempted to tell him that I love him. So I guess this means that in the corner of my mind, I am still thinking about the fact that I never told him personally that I love him. I know that he knew it, for some things doesn't need to be said, but still...

I hope that I will be able to say it to him one of these days when it is once again, time to reunite with him. Until then I will just have to be content with dreaming about my father. Over and over again.

I miss you Acha.
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