25 Jun 2011

Let's see

As I've said in my previous post, there is something in the air. The winds of change is here, albeit blowing slowly, I feel it gaining momentum as I type. What's in store in the next few weeks? We shall have to wait and see...;)
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4 Jun 2011


After my last out of KL assignment, which was the Borneo Jazz Festival at Miri, Sarawak , I had a feeling that something had changed.

I couldn't put a finger on it or say exactly what it was, but something had changed. Period. Perhaps it was the fact that I had met many interesting people during the assignment, both journalists and musicians. Perhaps it was their energy that got transfered into me? Maybe. But I knew that things were not going to be the same since then, and almost a month later, this feeling has intesified deeply.

It feels like I have reached crossroads and that I will have to change my course. At this point, I've got two roads to choose from and honestly my heart has already chosen it's next step. However, the brain has to be given a chance to present its case and for that I am taking some time to digest, research and try something new. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.
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