30 Apr 2009

I Am (The Woman)

It's official. I am no longer that timid girl who used to sit in class, knowing the answer but not wanting to put her hand up. I am no longer the girl who used to let her friend Venessa pinch her and not say a thing about it. And I am definitely not the girl who kept her real self hidden inside as her boyfriend analysed her every move.

I am the one who gives a 110 percent at work. I am one who gets things done. I am the one that people look for to solve problems. And I am the woman who stands up for herself and demands to be counted, when she knows she has done the right thing.
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15 Apr 2009

Heart Speak 2

The birthday is over. The mini-break in Miri too. And the 'new year'.

Now it's back to business. Back to taking baby steps to the next level - work, dreams, love.

There's a lot more that I have to strive for, to be a better person, but I do know that I have made progress by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to communication - thanks to this crazy job as a journalist.

Personally, it's not so easy. It's the hardest thing to say I care about u. That everyday I care about u more and more. That I want to be your best friend and lover. That I want to love u till the end of time.
I just need a little time. A little more time.
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