21 Nov 2008

Is there hope! Hope there is!

The truth is life is a bitch. You keep saving the right words for the boring, mundane but necessary stories that when it comes to the fun, non-work related bits, you are lost for words. Somehow I've got to get my act together. Somehow I've got to get past this. For there is more to life than work, although it doesn't seem like it these days.

There's holidays and the promise of the next holiday. There's an interesting guy, oh yes...there's music and the half bottle of white wine just for me. There is the anticipation of the future. There is reason to carry on. There are reasons for expression. There is hope. There will always be hope.
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11 Nov 2008

Quickie No2

Lest you think that I am still having fun in the land down under... I gotta tell u that I am back home now. Back to the heat. Back to work. Back to the hustle and bustle of KL.

No more crisp spring days. No more Max Brenner. No more $3 coffees. Oh how I miss those coffees! And it was lovely to catch up with ol' friends. And words can't describe how wonderful it was to play with baby Aryan...what a cutie!

And yeah I have pictures. But u just gotta hang in there for a while, the camera is currently working its way from north to south New Zealand, with a little help from parental units who are there now. So hang in there!
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