29 Jan 2010

Oh Ne-Yo!

It's not that I have forgotten about him. It's just that I wanted to blog about it when I was relaxed and not rushing for deadlines. So the days turned into weeks and then I get reminded by Saby about my non-existent post about the fabulous Ne-Yo. Finally, two weeks later, the time has arrived. Here is my lil' ode to Ne-Yo.


When I first found out that I was assigned to cover Ne-Yo's concert and press conference I was excited. Who wouldn't be right? He is ONLY one of the most talented singer-songwriters around. And there was the whole 'Gentleman' thing - I wanted to know exactly how much of a gentleman he was.

As usual the press conference started late, but it worth it. Ne-Yo, who wore his signature fedora answered the questions us, media asked, but was tight lipped about a question we all wanted to know the most - Has he found his 'Miss Independent?' Anyways, 20 mintues later, it was time for last questions and I asked him what is he expecting from his fans in the concert - and he replied to have lots of energy and to be ready to have a good time. I was quite happy that I got to ask him a question although there were many journalists there.

So I was totally excited when I found out that I had another chance to interview 'the gentleman' - Universal Music had a round table interview with him, on the morning of his concert. I didn't sleep very well that night, I was pretty excited about seeing him again.

I arrived at the Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa the next morning, a few minutes before interview time. I was sure that I would have to wait for one of the most famous R&B personalities in the world - but surprise, suprise Ne-Yo was right on time.

After we (there were five of us) entered the private area where the interview was held, Ne-Yo came in and we shook hands with him. As he shook my hands, Ne-Yo said "I remember you from yesterday." Needless to say I was estactic and was speechless for a bit. Haha. Anyways, he answered our questions with so much sincerity and believe me when I tell you that he is one of the most down to earth and 'real' person (and celebrity) I've met.

Once the 20 minute interview was over, one of the writers asked him if he could take a photo with him and he was very willing and was happy to do so. So I jumped on the bandwagon too and the result? Oh, just this very dorky photo of me and Ne-Yo. What do you think?

Ne-Yo and moi!

Ne-Yo Trivia

1. He has around 1000 fedoras. Yes, he does!
2. If he could 'keep' any of the songs he wrote for other singers, he would keep 'Let Me Love You' by Mario, for himself.
3. He said that if he didn't end up in the music industry, he would probably be begging (cos' music was the only career he wanted)
4. He'd love to work with John Mayer and GreenDay in the future.
5. He loves spicy food (but didn't get a chance to try our Nasi Lemak. (maybe it was a blessing in disguise. who knows what would have 'happened' if he did.)

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17 Jan 2010

Bright, sunshiny day.

Funny how sometimes, all you need is one weekend away to get things in pespective. And I really do mean in pespective. It's like that song 'I Can See Clearly Now'.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way,
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind,
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.

Ok so I have yet to see the bright, sunshiny day but I do know that it's there, just a little further on the horizon.

As long as I'm reaching out to it, it will come. I know it will come.

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1 Jan 2010

Hello 2010!

Every year starts off with a list of hopes and promises and this year is no exception.

For years I always wished for the opportunity to write for a living and finally, last year I finally achieved that one.

One wish that has remained constant is the hope of finding that special someone, the one who will complement me. Time passes and a few potentials came along, but none stayed. And he remains elusive, until today.

I can't pretend that I no longer have this hope, for I would only be cheating myself. I must admit there are times when I am almost ready to give up. But a small part of me, deep inside just won't let me do that.

Que Sera Sera, the future is not ours to see. But this year, I want to be able to love those around me better, to show these special people how much they mean to me.

In between learning to write better, driving again, yoga, spanish lessons and writing a play, I want to be able to share my thoughts and feelings to those who make a difference in my life.

And make 2010 a beautiful year. Happy New Year to you!
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