1 Jan 2010

Hello 2010!

Every year starts off with a list of hopes and promises and this year is no exception.

For years I always wished for the opportunity to write for a living and finally, last year I finally achieved that one.

One wish that has remained constant is the hope of finding that special someone, the one who will complement me. Time passes and a few potentials came along, but none stayed. And he remains elusive, until today.

I can't pretend that I no longer have this hope, for I would only be cheating myself. I must admit there are times when I am almost ready to give up. But a small part of me, deep inside just won't let me do that.

Que Sera Sera, the future is not ours to see. But this year, I want to be able to love those around me better, to show these special people how much they mean to me.

In between learning to write better, driving again, yoga, spanish lessons and writing a play, I want to be able to share my thoughts and feelings to those who make a difference in my life.

And make 2010 a beautiful year. Happy New Year to you!


sabrina said...

I sincerely hope you find him soon babe

Happy New Year!

Asha Letha said...

Hi Anu, I'm sure he's out there somewhere. May God Bless You and may all your dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

Well Anu,

My best wishes to you on this new year.

Hope all your dreams come true!


Anu said...

That was one of emo moments - LOL. Thanks guys!

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