3 Feb 2014

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter

They say that things happen for a reason.
And I agree with that completely.

When it comes to matters of the heart, I am not one of those who can count their lucky stars. I've been, for most years of my life a hopeless romantic. (I blame the romantic novels that I read as a teenager.) When it came to reality, my life was so far from being a romantic tale. I had my share of crushes and most of them led to misadventures. The guys I liked didn't like me. The ones who liked me, I didn't like. Then there were guys I had chemistry with but nothing serious happened. In the end, it felt like it was always more about heartbreak then kisses. 

Yet, despite these heartbreaks I pushed on, getting to know more people, going for dates and learning about men. Fast forward to a few more heartbreaks and many more lessons, here I am once again. Single but caring deeply for someone. Someone who, one day soon will wake up and realise that he too cares deeply for me.

It is easy at this stage to decide to give up. It is extremely easy for me to say, "I'm done, I'm out of here."

But my heart won't let me do that. It remembers the days in the past when I continued to love even though there was no promise of love returned. My heart reminded me just the other day about the heartaches I've been through, when I was hurting yes, but not broken. The voice in my heart is calling out to me, recounting the times she has been scarred but becoming stronger because of those scars.

"How can you give up now?" My heart asks me.
"You are made out of so much more. It is not the time to admit defeat. It's time to march on, to your destiny."

And that is what I will do.
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