25 Mar 2012

Book Review: Shakespeare's Mistress

Shakespeare's Mistress Shakespeare's Mistress by Karen Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anne Whateley takes centre stage in this book, as friend and lover of famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Going through happy and tumultuous times, the two fall in love and eventually marry in secret. However, soon after their wedding, Will is persuaded to marry Anne Hathaway, a woman he insists he is not in love with, but who is pregnant with his child.

Nobody knows about Anne Whateley is his legal wife and she in turn is devastated at his betrayal. Then her father dies and she leaves her home at Temple Grafton and lives with friends in London.

Life has other plans for Anne Whateley and William Shakespeare, as their paths cross and lives intertwine; as the playwright writes his
masterpieces and their relationship carries on until his death.

Well researched, detailed and interesting, it is a good book for historical fiction fans, particular in the Tudor period.

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