10 Dec 2010

I want to write sins!

Once in a while, the table turns around and I am at the one with answering questions instead of asking them. It's not too bad...once in a while. :) Thanks to my friend Eileen, for asking me to do this in the first place. You can check out more encounters at:

An Encounter With...: An Encounter with...Tragedy


Name : Anu Venugopal

Age : 34

Where Are You From? : Malaysia

Currently Residing In… : Malaysia

What Do You Do For A Living? : Journalist/Writer

AEW : What does the word “Tragedy” conjure up for you?

AV : An unexpected event that changes life as you know it and forces you to evolve into someone different, hopefully someone better.

AEW : Some people use the word “tragedy” very loosely. What are your thoughts on that?

AV : It’s true, people tend to describe anything that doesn’t go their way as a tragedy – even if it means missing out on one’s favourite food or being stuck in traffic, but those events are not tragedies, merely inconveniences.

AEW : Have you been through a tragedy yourself?

AV : I used to think being broken-hearted was the worst tragedy, but now the biggest, most significant tragedy I had been through is my father’s passing.

AEW : I am truly sorry to hear that {HUGS}. How did you survive through the tragedy and after?

AV : I don’t think I have completely survived it as yet. I am still in the process, by thinking positive, by remembering dad’s words of wisdom, his perceptions of life and his sense of humour.

AEW : I do remember how timely your Dad always appears the moment I light up a ciggie back in the day! Anyway, how much of surviving a tragedy is mental strength and how much of it is physical strength?

AV : 70-30 I think. You have to will yourself to get past the tragedy, to get past the pain and look for the silver lining. There is always a silver lining, whether it is obvious or not. You just got to look harder sometimes.

AEW : How strong do you think a normal human being is? What do you think is “breaking-point” for someone? Or do you think there IS a breaking point in the first place?

AV : A normal human being is as strong as he or she thinks she is. It is all up to the individual. If you think you are strong, then you are. I think there is a breaking point, but it is not as serious as it sounds. Yes, things can get so bad to a point that you don’t want to wake up, but it is never as bad as you think. It can get better.

AEW : That is something to ponder about really. Hey, have you heard of Panic At The Disco? J

You : The rock band from Las Vegas with the cool songs and videos? Yes!

AEW : So do you consider yourself writing sins or writing tragedies?

AV : A bit of both - sins and tragedies. But I am trying to write more sins than tragedies *grins*. Life's more exciting that way.

AEW : You're right. It is indeed more fun that way! I myself write a lot of sins too! *giggles*. Anyway, Anu, thank you for sharing today. And be strong.

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2 Dec 2010


I was talking to my colleague about dreams the other day. It is just funny (in an interesting sorta way) that the dreams I've had of my late grandmother can more often be scary, than sweet. And this despite the fact that she used to love my sister and I and was never shy of showing her affection - it's a mystery to me.

Like the other day, I dreamt that I went into my room was switching on the lights and fan, but nothing was working. And then I turned towards my bed and there she was right in front of me, in her white sari, holding a candle and there was a mirror next to her. In my dream I was scared, and I tried to push her (why would I want to push my dear grandmother, I don't know) and she dodged my push. Then she said "Nalle Kaana" in Malayalam, meaning ''See you tomorrow.'' And then I woke up, startled. It was a pretty scary dream for me.

Maybe the dream is a way of saying that she has the solution for what I am seeking. Or maybe the candle (light) is her way of giving me hope. Perhaps. A point to ponder for sure.

And so far I have dreamt about my dad, but it's all been short and non-scary. He's always with us, doing something he would normally have done, when he was around. Well, I have been thinking about him so it's logical, that I would dream about him.

Speaking of dreams and dad, I remember one particular dream I had about him a few years ago. He got a call from some company who said that he had won a competition - he had the most vitamin among the contestants. Can't remember what he won though, probably more vitamins. He was always into his vitamins, he used to take them religiously. He had a good laugh when I told him about the dream. Hmmm.
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