10 Dec 2010

I want to write sins!

Once in a while, the table turns around and I am at the one with answering questions instead of asking them. It's not too bad...once in a while. :) Thanks to my friend Eileen, for asking me to do this in the first place. You can check out more encounters at:

An Encounter With...: An Encounter with...Tragedy


Name : Anu Venugopal

Age : 34

Where Are You From? : Malaysia

Currently Residing In… : Malaysia

What Do You Do For A Living? : Journalist/Writer

AEW : What does the word “Tragedy” conjure up for you?

AV : An unexpected event that changes life as you know it and forces you to evolve into someone different, hopefully someone better.

AEW : Some people use the word “tragedy” very loosely. What are your thoughts on that?

AV : It’s true, people tend to describe anything that doesn’t go their way as a tragedy – even if it means missing out on one’s favourite food or being stuck in traffic, but those events are not tragedies, merely inconveniences.

AEW : Have you been through a tragedy yourself?

AV : I used to think being broken-hearted was the worst tragedy, but now the biggest, most significant tragedy I had been through is my father’s passing.

AEW : I am truly sorry to hear that {HUGS}. How did you survive through the tragedy and after?

AV : I don’t think I have completely survived it as yet. I am still in the process, by thinking positive, by remembering dad’s words of wisdom, his perceptions of life and his sense of humour.

AEW : I do remember how timely your Dad always appears the moment I light up a ciggie back in the day! Anyway, how much of surviving a tragedy is mental strength and how much of it is physical strength?

AV : 70-30 I think. You have to will yourself to get past the tragedy, to get past the pain and look for the silver lining. There is always a silver lining, whether it is obvious or not. You just got to look harder sometimes.

AEW : How strong do you think a normal human being is? What do you think is “breaking-point” for someone? Or do you think there IS a breaking point in the first place?

AV : A normal human being is as strong as he or she thinks she is. It is all up to the individual. If you think you are strong, then you are. I think there is a breaking point, but it is not as serious as it sounds. Yes, things can get so bad to a point that you don’t want to wake up, but it is never as bad as you think. It can get better.

AEW : That is something to ponder about really. Hey, have you heard of Panic At The Disco? J

You : The rock band from Las Vegas with the cool songs and videos? Yes!

AEW : So do you consider yourself writing sins or writing tragedies?

AV : A bit of both - sins and tragedies. But I am trying to write more sins than tragedies *grins*. Life's more exciting that way.

AEW : You're right. It is indeed more fun that way! I myself write a lot of sins too! *giggles*. Anyway, Anu, thank you for sharing today. And be strong.

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Suresh Nair said...

Great Answers! Solid & composed as usual.

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