30 Dec 2006

Goodbye 2006!

As the year comes to an end, the usual questions come up. How would I rate the year 06'? What have I accomplished, learnt? Am I actually going to have resolutions in 07', seeing that resolutions are almost always never accomplished? 06' has been an interesting and important year for me. My 2 year stint in Australia ended in mid June. I learnt a lot from my time there. My perceptions have changed a tad, that's what being forced out of your comfort zone does to u.

I learnt about relationships, about dreams, about feeling comfortable in my own skin. It's taught me that the grass is not always greener on the other side, it just appears to be so. I've learnt that no matter what people say or think, it's what u think and feel that REALLY matters. That sometimes, u just gotta do what u feel like doing, irrespective of its consequences. I've lost weight and then put it right back on again. I've laughed a lot, smiled and cried. I've come home.

All in all, 06 u've been a pretty good year. We shall always have the memories. As for resolutions, yes I have em'. I figure it's better to have them and start working towards them than not doing anything at all. Maybe next year I'll actually accomplish a few of them. I shall definitely try.

My resolutions are:
1. lose weight and get fit ( 5kgs in 5 months Anu, u can do it!).
2. find a job that is close to my heart.
3. be more sociable, keep in touch with my friends.
4. be open to possibilities; to draw my thinking box bigger.
5. write a play/short piece of fiction.

All the rest, i am just gonna go with the flow. ;) I've always liked that motto. Hmmm, well this is is for today. I think I shall be at home tomorrow, New Year's Eve, either hanging out with my friends or by myself, watch a few movies, have a little drink. Whatever it will be, I shall be looking forward to 2007, coming up next.

Happy New Year & May U Have A Fruitful Year Ahead! Yes, u!

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26 Dec 2006

Of cooking and the quest for perfection!

Work was almost intolerable today, what with the 3 day Christmas break we had. I could barely muster the energy (and enthusiasm) to open a book what more stamp and put security strips! But like all days, I survived. I went back home armed with an assignment from mother dear; to start the process of cooking. So there I was cutting and frying onions while the eggs bubbled on the stove, and in between I peeled the potatoes and cut them into cubes and put in the microwave. And then in between all this, I had the sneaking suspision that the onions were too brown (and oily).

Of course when mother came back, she said, u've done everything wrong! Somehow I suspected something like that would happen. Oh, how I hate it when my instincts are right sometimes! So all my hard work went down the drain, in the end. This is how it has almost always been with cooking. With mother in the background, everything needs to be done perfectly and according to her recipe. This quest for perfection has not instilled the love for cooking as she wants. In fact it has instilled a sense of tension when cooking; it must always, always be perfect. I must admit, for years I didn't I didn't even like cooking. But it was when I was living alone in Melbourne that I realised that I actually do like cooking. I also enjoy experimenting, adding soy sauce and thai chili sauce etc, and loving the end result. Oh, incidently I can make a pretty mean chicken curry u know! *LOL*

Anyways, enough ranting for now. Shall blog laterz.


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24 Dec 2006

Merry Christmas!

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I know that best wishes for a Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year) will not have any effect on the good people of Johor, especially Segamat and Muar who have lost their houses, possessions, family and friends cos' of the flood last week. Hang in there guys! Our prayers are with u.


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23 Dec 2006

Tis' the season to be moody!

This is gonna be one of the posts I will definitely regret blogging about, I can tell. But the restlessness I am feeling needs to be released one way or another, and blogging it is! Now this is the second Saturday that I am a little moody. It would seem like it's the season to be moody instead of jolly! I should be rejoicing that it's the end of the year, that a brand new year is on its way, that I'll have the chance to do what I have yet to achieve and all that. But noooooo. Here I am, getting irritated that things I have no control over. Upset about something I heard from a friend about another friend I am close enough to divulge everything to. Seems to be he does not understand me as much as I think he does. Ah well, what did I expect? He is after all a mere mortal, a man. And men have their own thoughts, make mistakes, take things in different light. Why not him? I just have to accept that fact and move on from this. And remember the good times of conversations and mamak stall dinners we have had over the past few years. There! I've said my peace. I shall leave it now. Breathe in, breathe out. Ok, feeling better now.


Will be off for a much needed manicure & pedicure tomorrow morning. And then it's off to a Christmas dinner party at night! Should be interesting!

Merry Christmas!

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22 Dec 2006

Yeah,yeah holiday!

Had a fantastic day at work today. The holiday spirit hung in the air and with no supervisors or kids around, it was a fairly easy going day. And yes I did get some work done. SOME. ;) I got a call from my friend while working and when I told her I was stamping books and attaching security tabs, she asked me if I like that sorta thing. I told her it was not my sorta thing, but so much better than running around arrogent sales assistants trying to get their damn queries resolved - that's for sure! The fact is, I love being surrounded by books. It gives me a calm feeling. While I don't enjoy shelving hundreds of books a day, I like the fact that I can help people find what they want. That feeling is priceless! Still, I am looking forward to the 3 day break...

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the holidays!

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21 Dec 2006

This cloud shall pass

Work was good today. Not that I did much work though. It was on from 8-11am, then it was time for the company lunch. It was my first 'real' company lunch. 'Real' as in we were out of the office, at an expensive restaurant (in this case at a hotel, Armada Hotel) and having buffet. The buffet I think was wasted on me, as I didn't have that much. I had 2 helpings of fruit though. The dessert was yummy, bread pudding...mmm. Some people really ate their share of the RM28 per head buffet, doing their prilgrimage around their 'Mecca' many times. Hey, I am not complaining. It made me look like a small eater! Hah! Then we ended up getting back to the office at 2.30 and worked till 5, trying not to fall asleep on the job. Yup, the keyword is trying! All in all, it was a good outing and I had a good time talking to some of my colleagues. I even saw some new faces...

I am in this 'mood' today, it goes from alrite to irritated to sad to irritated to alrite again. It can only mean one thing, and I think u know what I mean... It's when emotions start spireling, when feelings are king and when everything is just so damn irritating. Hah! It makes u think about things u don't usually think about, u usually don't WANT to think about. For me, it's almost always about being alone, loneliness. I am quite certain that it is just a phase, like a passing cloud that once pours rain, moves on. As the saying goes..."this too, shall pass."

TGIF tomorrow and holidays around the corner...that should lift any cloud up! Happy Holidays!

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19 Dec 2006


Can't blog much. Tired. Muscles aching. Ouch! Went to gym. Good workout. Tomorrow is last day of school for kids/teachers at MKIS. Lots of work to do after that. Wrapping books. Putting security strips. Shelving. Should be fun. (Sarcastic) At least I'll get to listen to radio for 3 weeks. Can't wait for Christmas holidays. Shall be going to Cathy's. Short one today. Will blog later.


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16 Dec 2006

Pain throws your heart to the ground, Love turns the whole thing around.

It is Saturday and I should be happy. And I am, in a way. But there's a feeling in my heart that's difficult to describe. There's a little loneliness, a tinge of incompletability (yes I know I made up the word but I like it!) and a few drops of hope. Not the best mood to be in on a Saturday really. When thinking about it, this feeling came about last nite, after talking to my friend G. See, the thing is, we get along well, but come from very different backgrounds. And thus have a very good non-relationship together. We always have fun when we go out. He's the one person I can talk to without needing to censor my thoughts.

Anyways, we had a chat yesterday and he told me that there is this issue with an old girl friend of his. Marriage could very well be on the cards, if an issue is resolved. I would be happy for him if things work out for him of course, but I'd be a little sad for me. When that happens I will no longer be able to rely on him to be the 'guy' in my life. I will have to be more social, go out, meet people, mingle. Sounds tiring already! Haha! But I do have to do it if I want to increase my chances of meeting an interesting guy out there. After all, there is no way I will be meeting anyone interesting if I stay at home right? So that's what I shall be doing after the new year begins. Mingle and meet! So why should this irritate me?

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14 Dec 2006

TGIF tomorrow!

So the countdown is on for John Mayer's concert in Melbourne on April 07 2007! I am in the midst of planning for the trip. When to take leave, how long, how much money must I save etc. Lots of planning to do. I do hope I will be able to get leave then or else all my plans will go down the drain. *Keeping fingers crossed!* My friends Cat n Laz are planning to go to, which should put a twist on the entire trip. It will be interesting, that's for sure! Hmm...thinking about all the places I gotta go, the KK shop, Max Brenner, Hungry Jacks (why am I thinking of eating places - grrrr!). Oh and I'll get to meet my friends again...that will be so nice. Oh and the shopping!! How can I not buy anything right? It's like asking me not to breathe! Haha! Excited-nya! And with the holidays around the corner, I am a happy bee. Well, I shall stop here...shall blog laterz.

Have a good weekend!

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12 Dec 2006

Settling In

I guess this calmness I feel in my heart stems from the fact that my life is finally settling into a momentum. I am getting used to work. I enjoy the buzz of my busy day at work and love that there is no stress involved. I love the kids, the books, the people at work are nice too. I have a healthy online life. I have not logged into Friendster for 2 days! Haha! I am happy that I've joined the gym. I plan to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I've started on a semi 'diet' too. I also plan to join a story writing class, to get my creative juices flowing again. Now, if I could fit one date every month, then it will be great! Hmm, sleepy now. Shall blog later.

Adios amigos,

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