19 Jan 2011

The Book Geek

It's official. The book geek is ME! ;)
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8 Jan 2011

Hello 2011!

The new year is here and with it fresh hopes and dreams, a desire to achieve. Small achievements, or big ones. Preferably a mix of both. I guess big or small it really doesn't matter, what matters is the opportunity to swim in the sea of accomplishment. And feel the sun shining down as I bask in its glory.

Of course,flowery words mean nothing without doing something, taking steps to make it happen. And this year I want to remember the lessons I've learnt in 2010 and make 2011 a better one.
No new year resolutions, just getting down to business and just doing it.

May 2011 be a fruitful, happy year for all of us. Like Paulo Coelho said, in 2011, don't feel guilty. We deserve all the good things that will happen to us.
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