29 Sep 2012

I Await

And oh, it looks like the new beginning is a little delayed. But I don't mind one bit. I await the right moment for it to begin. :)
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My Selfish Happy Self

Sometimes (or rather almost always) it pays to be selfish. If being selfish is doing something that you enjoy - it can't be that bad can it? As long as you don't kill/harm someone else in that process of being happy, its all good.

After months of hard work and soul searching, I decided that I needed some time out and that I would go out to a club, listen to some good music and drink a little alcohol. It has been years (and I mean almost 8 years) since I last went to a club, so I excited about the prospect of getting my feet wet in the club scene once again.

So I put my heels (the only ones I had), wore my favourite new dress and loop earrings and headed out to a new club with a few friends.

And it was almost like how it was when I left the scene, minus the good looking guys. (They must have gone to another club yesterday.) While it took me a while to get into the dancing zone, when the happy buzz kicked in, I was on a roll. Out came my 90's moves! After lots of songs, several alcoholic beverages later, I was having a blast - right until we decided to call it a night at 4am.

The point is I had to do something for myself after months of doing things for others. And it felt great! And I still feel fabulous! So to all of those people who believe that you should think of others first, before yourself - I strongly oppose this idea. I challenge you to do something for yourself. Chances are you will be so happy and want to genuinely think of others next.

So call me selfish, I call me happy. Looking forward the many more me-time sessions I will have in the future. :)
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16 Sep 2012

New Beginnings

New beginnings.

You crave for it and when it comes...the first instinct is to retreat, to say wait, I'm not ready yet. But the truth is you know there is no such thing as being ready. Unless you are in a desperate situation. If life is bearable, then new beginnings can also be quite scary. The unknown can be scary sometimes.

But deep in your heart, you know that whatever is in store for you in the future, you are ready to take it on. Ready to learn something new, make mistakes, learn from them and be a better person. Ready to meet new people and perhaps even to learn something from them. New friendships, new bonds, new, new, new!

So here's a little note to new beginning. I'm ready, come get me. :)

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