29 Sep 2012

My Selfish Happy Self

Sometimes (or rather almost always) it pays to be selfish. If being selfish is doing something that you enjoy - it can't be that bad can it? As long as you don't kill/harm someone else in that process of being happy, its all good.

After months of hard work and soul searching, I decided that I needed some time out and that I would go out to a club, listen to some good music and drink a little alcohol. It has been years (and I mean almost 8 years) since I last went to a club, so I excited about the prospect of getting my feet wet in the club scene once again.

So I put my heels (the only ones I had), wore my favourite new dress and loop earrings and headed out to a new club with a few friends.

And it was almost like how it was when I left the scene, minus the good looking guys. (They must have gone to another club yesterday.) While it took me a while to get into the dancing zone, when the happy buzz kicked in, I was on a roll. Out came my 90's moves! After lots of songs, several alcoholic beverages later, I was having a blast - right until we decided to call it a night at 4am.

The point is I had to do something for myself after months of doing things for others. And it felt great! And I still feel fabulous! So to all of those people who believe that you should think of others first, before yourself - I strongly oppose this idea. I challenge you to do something for yourself. Chances are you will be so happy and want to genuinely think of others next.

So call me selfish, I call me happy. Looking forward the many more me-time sessions I will have in the future. :)

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