16 Sep 2012

New Beginnings

New beginnings.

You crave for it and when it comes...the first instinct is to retreat, to say wait, I'm not ready yet. But the truth is you know there is no such thing as being ready. Unless you are in a desperate situation. If life is bearable, then new beginnings can also be quite scary. The unknown can be scary sometimes.

But deep in your heart, you know that whatever is in store for you in the future, you are ready to take it on. Ready to learn something new, make mistakes, learn from them and be a better person. Ready to meet new people and perhaps even to learn something from them. New friendships, new bonds, new, new, new!

So here's a little note to new beginning. I'm ready, come get me. :)


sri said...

Remember, every new school year we used to dread about going back to school but then eventually everything will turn-out ok. I guess, life is like that... the thought new transition may makes us anxious or even frighten a bit but everything will be ok and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well :) Good luck!

Anu said...

Thanks! Looks like the new beginning will start a little later, but I am sure I can use your wise words when it truly begins! :)

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