29 Jul 2009

Inspirational Yasmin

I have been quite emo this week, maybe two.

Just as I felt somewhat normal again, Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

How unfortunate that I did not get to interview the great mind behind the simple and yet powerful ads and movies. She was so inspiring, truly Malaysian in heart and soul.

I wish I could come up with stories like she did. To write stories with the potential to change minds and lives like that would be any writer's dream come true, including me.

Again I am reminded of my own journey through life. Of taking time off and smelling the roses. Taking opportunities that come by. Enjoying life to the best of my ability. And making a difference in the lives of those around me. U never know when it will be your last day.

Thank you Yasmin for giving us a little more spirit, hope and dreams.
You will be remembered. You will be missed.
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13 Jul 2009

Seeking solace

Sometimes I get emo. Like when I was writing the previous post. So so emo.

But I am not always like that. I know that I need to keep my options open, that I should meet more people, get to know them and who knows, connections may be established, sparks may just fly.

And when times get tough, when loneliness creeps in, I just have to remember the people around me who love me. My friends who make me laugh. I shall remember that finally, I am what I've always wanted to be - a writer. And I shall find solace in all that is true and colourful in my life.

I shall try.

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10 Jul 2009

Que Sera Sera

Hope is one four letter word I can't quite figure out.

People say it's a good feeling to have. A sign of optimism. A belief that everything will turn out well in the end. But is hope always a good thing?

Hope by itself does not perform miracles. No amount of hope can stop someone from dying when it is his time. Hope can't make u win the lottery on Saturday, no matter how much u want it to happen.

What is the use of possessing all the hope in the world in your heart?Wishing that someone u care for, someone u would protect from harsh words and ugly intentions, someone u would give your heart completely, would feel the same way for u.

How do u ignore the quiet whispers of the heart that tells u that he is the one, the soulmate u have been waiting for? Could u be wrong, could I? The possibility is there, I suppose.

What can I say or do except to enjoy life's little moments and let Fate decide my course. Whatever will be will be. Right?
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5 Jul 2009


I first learnt of Michael Jackson's death when I logged on to Facebook on Friday morning, 10am.

The death of the 50-year-old superstar dominated almost all of my friend's status updates that day. I have to admit I also jumped on the 'RIP MJ' bandwagon. An MJ fan I am not, but shaken I was.

I wasn't expecting anything much when my friend Gunalan asked me to join him at a 'Tribute to MJ' at One Utama. I was pretty sure it was going to be soppy (read corny) affair, nothing I would be interested in, so I went along wih him for company.

I was wrong. The videos they showed made me remember those days when I was a kid, watching the same 'Beat It' or 'Billy Jean' video. While the MJ impersonators were pretty good, it was Praveen (Or Pravin?) from Seremban who blew me away with his rendition of 'You Are Not Alone'. And boy could he dance!

I found myself equally moved by the music as I sang along to songs that I knew. Most touching of all, was the candle light dedication from the fans to MJ, very touching indeed. The tribute made me realise that after all the name caling and accusations hurled at the guy, you can't deny the power MJ had over people, from all over the world. He, truly showed that music travels beyond borders and languages, transcends race, religion, sex or political affliation and stays where it matters most, the heart.

Music has that power while death reminds us of our own mortality. We can't all be Michael Jackson, and move millions of people around the world. But when the time comes, it would be great if I am remembered for doing what I love and doing it with heart and soul.
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