29 Jul 2009

Inspirational Yasmin

I have been quite emo this week, maybe two.

Just as I felt somewhat normal again, Yasmin Ahmad passed away.

How unfortunate that I did not get to interview the great mind behind the simple and yet powerful ads and movies. She was so inspiring, truly Malaysian in heart and soul.

I wish I could come up with stories like she did. To write stories with the potential to change minds and lives like that would be any writer's dream come true, including me.

Again I am reminded of my own journey through life. Of taking time off and smelling the roses. Taking opportunities that come by. Enjoying life to the best of my ability. And making a difference in the lives of those around me. U never know when it will be your last day.

Thank you Yasmin for giving us a little more spirit, hope and dreams.
You will be remembered. You will be missed.


Dash said...

She will indeed be desperately missed. My favourite was her Tan Hong Ming advert on tv. She has changed many lives, mine included,and for that, I am grateful.

Hope you feel better soon.

sabrina said...

She was truly such an inspiration...especially to woman (regardless of what people say abou her)


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