26 Nov 2007

Visual train of thoughts

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words...this is one of those moments...

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21 Nov 2007

Que Pasa? What's up?

Hola! Me llamo Anu. Yo tengo trienta y uno anos. Vivo en Malasia con mi familia. Mi madre Sushila es una doctora y mi padre Venu es no trabajor. Mi hermana menor Ameeta es una estudiante en un collegio. Yo trabajo en la escuela internacional en Mont Kiara. Yo le gusto leer libro, escribir historia y escuchar musica...Mi favarito palabros en Espanol es - trienta, tambien, prima, etc.

Ok, so I guess it's pretty obvious that I have a lot to work on here.

What I was trying to say was:

Hello. My name is Anu. I am thirty one year old. I live in Malaysia with my family. My mother Sushila is a doctor and my father Venu is not working. My younger sister Ameeta is a student in a college. I work in an international school in Mont Kiara. I like to read books, write stories and listen to music. My favourite Spanish words are thirty, also, cousin...
I shall be blogging in bits of Spanish ... to practice and also keep myself motivated to continue learning Spanish for my trip to Spain, possibly next year. After all I can't be going to Barcelona and Madrid with just the ability to say "Una cerveza por favor." (One beer please.) Can I? ;)
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12 Nov 2007

The golden key

As dusk pays its visit, vagueness makes a comeback.

A certain indescribable feeling hangs in the air.

Questions loom large. Why am I here?

Shouldn't I be someplace else?

Doing something different with someone else?

Something else, something soul defining, something worth my while.

Answers remain a mystery.

Patience is the only solution.

Time holds the golden key.
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3 Nov 2007

The truth...

The truth is I am only 5 feet 2 & a half, but I tell people I am 5 feet 3. The truth is, I will always have the love for things small and simple in my heart, no matter how old I get. I get panicky when I sit behind the wheel. I don't hate my ex-boyfriend anymore. I enjoy getting the dirt out of nooks and crannies. I admire my mother's strength and personality. The truth is I am a self-confessed writer infected with a double dose of writer's block.I want to be able to drive for miles on my own. I miss my grandmother very much. I am afraid of losing my family suddenly.

And I want to have a career that satisfies my soul. I love the attention I get from my guy friends. I like being called baby. The truth is I want to kiss someone with all the passion that I have bottled up inside me. I long for the time when I get to make love to someone all through the nite. I want to wake up every morning and find someone beside me. And I want a baby, my baby before its too late. I am. I do.
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