3 Nov 2007

The truth...

The truth is I am only 5 feet 2 & a half, but I tell people I am 5 feet 3. The truth is, I will always have the love for things small and simple in my heart, no matter how old I get. I get panicky when I sit behind the wheel. I don't hate my ex-boyfriend anymore. I enjoy getting the dirt out of nooks and crannies. I admire my mother's strength and personality. The truth is I am a self-confessed writer infected with a double dose of writer's block.I want to be able to drive for miles on my own. I miss my grandmother very much. I am afraid of losing my family suddenly.

And I want to have a career that satisfies my soul. I love the attention I get from my guy friends. I like being called baby. The truth is I want to kiss someone with all the passion that I have bottled up inside me. I long for the time when I get to make love to someone all through the nite. I want to wake up every morning and find someone beside me. And I want a baby, my baby before its too late. I am. I do.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Oh hunny...i know that feeling...hug

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