27 Oct 2007

Give Me Something?

I've been trying to blog many times over the course of the week. First at work, in between check out sessions. Then at home with the help of Dark Room, which I must add is an interesting application to use when u need absolute concentration to type. Just remember to press F2 to save your piece. Otherwise u'll do what I did, write something interesting just to have disappear cos u forgot to save it first. Tsk,tsk.

Anyways in lieu of the time constrain I am now facing, (I'm off to Chilis to have a cold one and gotta get ready), a short update will have to do. I am good. Work is going on. There are days when I wish I could start up a bonfire and throw all the books in. Oh yes, I am serious. Other days are bearable. I can't wait for weekends and December 19 to be off to India. Social life is expanding, booming even. Friendships are blossoming, and one in particular. There's something to look forward to ala James Morrison's "This could be nothing, But I'm willing to give it a try". What ever this is right now, I like it. I am enjoying it.

Also, my new haircut has received unexpected attention from others, in a good way of course.

What more can I say? Life is OK!

1 comment :

sri said...

hey u - cant wait to see ur new haircut..:)

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