18 Oct 2007


There are many things you forget or misplace in life. But somehow it feels that unlike anything else I forget, when I forget this one special device of mine, life stands still. The heart skips a beat as my fingers dig deep into my bag, moving from one cranny to another to find it. It’s not there! I take a moment to think if I did put it into my bag this morning…the non-existent recollection makes way for a forgone conclusion – I left my mobile at home!

Resigned to the fact that I will not have my beloved Sony E with me today, I try to find comfort in the availability of other communication techniques like the good ol’ fashioned phone and speedy broadband. Some things are better than nothing right? Hmm, yeah…rigggghhhht. I wonder if my friend Kasturi has called me yet. Have I got any sms’s? Now how am I gonna text Mr. P and gloat about the fact that India beat Australia in cricket match yesterday??? I would call him but…I’ve left my capacity to remember mobile numbers back with my mobile on my bed this morning!

Ah well, I guess it will just have to wait.

May time pass fast today. So I can go back to my beloved…Sony E!

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Anonymous said...

I have the opposite problem- I recently started leaving my phone at home on purpose, cos I thought I was getting too addicted to it. . and the sad (!) part is, when I get home, I don't have that many/ any missed calls/ SMS. I tell myself that's because people here use emails more, but still. . .

Having said that, I do know the feeling of wanting to suddenly send someone a msg/ call someone and not having your phone then- bummer!

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