28 Apr 2008


It’s been a while since I blogged. I’ve been waiting for that something 'big' to come up. I wanted my next post to be a memorable one, u know, complete with the grand orchestra, black tie, slinky gowns, the fireworks. But nothing 'big' has happened…yet.

That’s not to say nothing has happened since the last time I blogged. Small things have happened of course. Found not one but two old friends on Facebook. Saw an amazing performance at KL PAC called 'three.'

I finally got hold of 'A Thousand Splendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini!

Watched ‘The Kite Runner’ on Thursday. Nice one, it certainly did justice to the book, in my opinion. Had fun talking nonsense and sipping Kopi Ais with an online friend who is now a friend. He sure is entertaining that Sharky fella! Friday night’s chillin’ out session morphed into clubbing session – fun,fun,fun! I've also changed the layout of the blog. Did u notice? And yet...

I'm just waiting for that 'big' event to happen!
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12 Apr 2008


My 32nd birthday arrived on 7th April and went, fast. For one day I was excited, exhuberant and special. I had a home made cheese cake and not one, but two bouquets of flowers. Had drinks with a friend. Dinner with the family. The next day it was back to business. Work was getting me down (again). Felt like there was a big chance that I'd be single at 60. Then I happened to check out new arrivals at MPH and saw a sight that made my heart skip a beat! Paulo Coelho has a new book out! It's called Brida! It's about a girl looking for her soulmate! I glanced at the synopsis and promptly fell in love with life once again.

I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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6 Apr 2008

Photos Speak - Langkawi.

View from La Playa (The Beach) Rest & Bar.

The sun setting on Pantai Cenang.

Fisherman taking a break.

I can't decide whether this photo is better...

Or this one...both are at Pantai Cenang.

Sun setting, the waves and boat...serene!
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2 Apr 2008

Off On A Beachy Break!

I am off to Langkawi this evening, chillin' out by the beach with my friend Sri for a few days.Yea! Will be back on Friday night.Needless to say, there will be pictures of sunsets, sand and the sea, maybe a few of me - in the next post. ;)
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