12 Apr 2008


My 32nd birthday arrived on 7th April and went, fast. For one day I was excited, exhuberant and special. I had a home made cheese cake and not one, but two bouquets of flowers. Had drinks with a friend. Dinner with the family. The next day it was back to business. Work was getting me down (again). Felt like there was a big chance that I'd be single at 60. Then I happened to check out new arrivals at MPH and saw a sight that made my heart skip a beat! Paulo Coelho has a new book out! It's called Brida! It's about a girl looking for her soulmate! I glanced at the synopsis and promptly fell in love with life once again.

I can't wait to get my hands on it!


Anonymous said...

hey anu...

love a person who loves you... dont waste ur feelings on chasing love... buddy i am sure many men would have proposed to you... coz u are one of the BEST. really wonder why women are so confused. a man also needs confidence first to be a good friend, then a good lover & then a good husband and later a good father. problem is for most of the women, they jump to the last criteria first itself.... its a process... give men a chance...they aint tht bad babes.
to my best friend Anu :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

I can relate to most of this. Because I'am not very far from you. There are times I've given up hope of the fact that Mr.Right will drop on my lap and there are times which I tend to get more optimistic...I've had my fair share of dates/heart aches that went nowhere( This is when you wonder, all that time/money/attempt gone down the drain) – Sometimes so discouraging that age is catching up scares the crap out of you..All thoughts get so sickening like 'I want kids, and in order to have them, I cant get married too late and all that jazz'...But somehow, I'am learning to accept the fact that single hood isn't such a bad thing...and that I'd rather marry the right one rather than ending up with the wrong one...But don't sweat it too much...He is probably around the corner somewhere, not evident to you yet and who cares if you meet Mr. Right at an uncommon age. So typical,26,27,28..ahhh..35 is the new 25! :)


Anu said...

Jagdish- I don't feel like I am chasing love, but merely giving hints.:P And eventhough it's right to love the person who loves u, u gotta have chemistry with that one who loves u too. That's when life really gets interesting! I shall wait for that mutual feeling. :)

Anon- Seems like u've been mind reading my thoughts. It's exactly what I think! U r absolutely right.
Meeting Mr. Right at an uncommon age would be more than ok! It will be just right! Surely he's around the corner for us both. :)

Anucia said...

happy birthday dear! hope you're blessed with content and happiness.

sabrina said...

Happy Belated Birthday babe. Hope it was a good one :p

Nalina said...

Hi i'am Nalina...Anon no.2 your blog!

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