26 Dec 2009

Book Review: Spain by the horns

I picked up this book at the Big Bad Book Sale recently. I must admit, the cover was the first reason I did so - a cover, so rich and colourful. The second reason was because of the word 'Spain'. I am a fan of all things Spanish.

This story by Tim Elliot, an Australian journalist who sets off to Spain to find out what makes Jesulin, a famous metador, tick. As he criss-crosses the country in search of an interview with Jesulin, he meets interesting characters that show what Spanish culture is all about - colour, costumes, music and passion.

An easy read that provides an insight to all things Spain, in a fun and fast-paced manner.
Rating: 3.5/5
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22 Dec 2009

All I wanted for Christmas (Updated on 26/12)

is an iPod nano! but what I ended up getting is:

which isn't too bad cos' I do need help being more organised at work!
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19 Dec 2009

KK In Pictures

No prizes for guessing why I'm slow on the blogging of my exciting trip to KK. Lazy, tired and...lazy. What else can I say? And then I wanted to cut and paste snippets from my article here, but alas it is not working. So here I am offering you photos of the trip and a chance to read my article about the trip on Malay Mail's website.

The amazing balcony outside ShangriLa Rasa Ria's Ocean View room.

A picture perfect view from my room.

Soft, powdery sand at Pantai Dalit, Tuaran.

The view of the resort from the air taken while on my first ever helicopter ride.

The Dalit Bay Golf and Country Resort...lovely!

It's a jungle out there - trees one of the wonderful sights in KK.

Cinta who looked quite comfortable at the nature reserve at the resort.

Afiq and Redge sharing a meal at the nature reserve. (Cute eh?)

I didn't get a chance to explore KK as much as I hoped as I was on tight schedule. So there is nothing else to do but go back to KK once more, on my own time (and money) and discover what it has to offer.
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3 Dec 2009

Shameless Gloating...

Sometimes I can't help but love my job.
That's not to say there is nothing bad about the job. It doesn't pay very well, just enough for me to get by. The hours can be long. Sometimes I have to work on my off days. It requires lots and lots of energy. But somehow the experiences make for all that. The experiences are the perks.

This weekend's trip to KK is an example of a perk. Not only do I get to stay in a 5 star resort, but I will also get a chance to go on a helicopter ride and check out the orangutans at the sanctuary. How cool is that? Of course I'll have to be writing about the experience, but I am not complaining. What's there to complain since I'll be doing what I love best - writing?

Sometimes I just can't help but love my job.

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1 Dec 2009


I found out that I am going to Sabah. Kota Kinabalu to be precise. Yes, it is for work. I will have to come up with 3 articles about the 3-day trip. But I really don't mind. Being a KK virgin, I'm completely excited about the whole trip. More shameless gloating coming soon... :)
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