28 Oct 2014


Sometimes I wonder why we meet certain people in our lives...

Maybe you're meant to figure it out as you go along...maybe it's because you're meant to have a new friend, a mentor, an advisor.

Or possibly, someone to make you feel alive, the most alive you've felt for a very long time, even if for 10 minutes.

Eyes meet eyes. Words are spoken. And yet, between those words unsaid and exchange of looks, there is something more.  Something that caresses the heart, soothes the soul. Something that could have been something...but...alas, circumstances are not ideal. Geography plays a part. So does the past decisions.

This may be a meeting for of the minds but what are the possibilities of a future? Another case of
Que Sera Sera. What will be, will be.

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1 Aug 2014


So, yes I've decided to do this experiment. 99 days of freedom from Facebook. What will it be like?

In March this year, I decided to go on a one week social media detox. The result?  I didn't know that MH370 had disappeared of the radar until my friend told me about it at 2pm. Other than that, I felt more relaxed, I was doing more "offline" activities that I enjoyed.

So let's see what happens when I decide to go 99 days without connecting on Facebook. Already, I have had some interesting reactions from friends. Some are supporting me, while others think it is an absurd idea. The truth is, I do (not-so-secretly) want to be away from Facebook in the near future. Will I be able to make Facebook my option and not priority?  Time will tell.  :)
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18 May 2014


Sometimes it's just better to use quotes. :)

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You Had Me At Wonderland

Taken from original article on Vanity Shack.

Dear John,
We all have a few musicians we like to call our favourites.
As fans, we dutifully buy the albums, play it over and over. We share a song with friends, argue over it’s charming lyrics and composition. Still, I have never dreamt that I would spend money flying to another country, never thought that I would invent an itinerary just to see my favourite musican perform live.
I did that for you.
Seeing you live at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Australia on April 15 was more than a dream come true. I already knew that you would be fabulous on stage live. I found that out when I saw you perform for the first time in Melbourne in 2007. I lost my voice that evening. This time though, I was happy just to listen to your voice, your skills on the guitar and soak it all in.
I was drenched in magical music.

Grace Potter and her band The Nocturnals opened up for you. Grace had an edgy voice, the songs were interesting. I admit I was hoping that she would finish her set fast. I couldn’t wait to see you again.
It wasn’t long before you appeared with your band. I was sitting all the way at the back and you were a petite size S from way back there. Still, my heart raced when you quickly dove into Queen of California from your album Born & Raised. The journey had begun. From then it was a smooth transition to Paper Doll of your Paradise Valley album.
Next, you sang the lyrically controversial Who Says. The single from Battle Studies album had tongues wagging around the world with the opening line ‘Who says I can’t get stoned”. Despite its debatable significance, the song about standing up to your inner bully was among the popular songs of the evening- judging from the response from the audience.
As much as I enjoyed listening to you sing, I was waiting for you to speak and you did soon enough,  getting to know us, your fans better. When you sang I Don’t Trust Myself, I fell in love with that song all over again. Listening to Speak For Me, Half Of My Heart and a cover of Henry Whitter’s Going Down The Road Feelin’ Bad, you got be thinking folk-music isn’t so boring after all.
Maybe the audience in Adelaide was quiet because they preferred to focus on your guitar skills rather than shouting on top of their voices. Still, you had your share of declarations of love that evening, even from a guy who asked you to marry him (Hilarious!)
You won’t even begin to know how much I loved your cheeky interludes in between songs. I didn’t think you would play Slow Dancing In A Burning Room but you did! I loved it, just as much as Stop This Train, a song about growing older and its challenges, from Continuum. I’ve watched you play Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ so many times on Youtube, but being there when you performed that song, it never sounded better.
Then just as expected, you left with the band before returning to stage without fuss to transform Beyonce’ sXO in your own, gentle, cool way. Before you know it, it was time for the last song and you chose Gravity, a song that proved that you were as good songwriter as you were a guitarist. You gave me plenty to think about On The Way Home.When you sang Wildfire, I thought that perhaps you had psychic powers were privy to my (song) wish list. You did that cool cover of Van Morrisson’s And It Stoned Mebefore moving on to Waiting On The World To Changeand Age of Worry. That’s when you dropped the bomb and told us that you have four more songs to play. You didn’t give us much time to contemplate this revelation though, carrying on with your “classic” and my favourite Why Georgia from first album Room For Squares and Dear Marie, from the latest.
Two hours zoomed into 20 minutes when you performed. Still, it was a great concert, one that I would think about for years to come. Since your first confession in Your Body Is a Wonderland, to your ode to women in Daughters, revealing your Shadow Days andexplaining why Love is a Verb, you been through a lot – and this is reflected in the songs of various genres you explored.  I never thought that I would like country music, or blues and folk, but thanks to your courage to experiment I’m now open to more genres.  Despite your misadventures in your personal life and your “stupid mouth”, I believe that deep down inside, you’re just a man, making sense of life through songs. I am and will always remain, your biggest fan.
You had me at Wonderland.
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13 Mar 2014

Note To Self 2.0

On this day of your life,
Anu, I believe God wants you to know...    

...that your heart will be opened again soon. Indeed,
very soon, if you are receptive to it.

Do not think that you have had your last chance to love.
God would never do that to you. Your chances are as
endless as life itself! So love, love, love. And do not
worry about who loves you back.

Then get set for more love to fill your days and nights,
precisely because you have not worried about it. For
you always receive from the world what you give to the
world. It is The Law.

You know exactly why you are reading this message
right now.
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4 Mar 2014

Note To Self

Sometime all you need is a little balance. :) 

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3 Feb 2014

I'm a lover, I'm a fighter

They say that things happen for a reason.
And I agree with that completely.

When it comes to matters of the heart, I am not one of those who can count their lucky stars. I've been, for most years of my life a hopeless romantic. (I blame the romantic novels that I read as a teenager.) When it came to reality, my life was so far from being a romantic tale. I had my share of crushes and most of them led to misadventures. The guys I liked didn't like me. The ones who liked me, I didn't like. Then there were guys I had chemistry with but nothing serious happened. In the end, it felt like it was always more about heartbreak then kisses. 

Yet, despite these heartbreaks I pushed on, getting to know more people, going for dates and learning about men. Fast forward to a few more heartbreaks and many more lessons, here I am once again. Single but caring deeply for someone. Someone who, one day soon will wake up and realise that he too cares deeply for me.

It is easy at this stage to decide to give up. It is extremely easy for me to say, "I'm done, I'm out of here."

But my heart won't let me do that. It remembers the days in the past when I continued to love even though there was no promise of love returned. My heart reminded me just the other day about the heartaches I've been through, when I was hurting yes, but not broken. The voice in my heart is calling out to me, recounting the times she has been scarred but becoming stronger because of those scars.

"How can you give up now?" My heart asks me.
"You are made out of so much more. It is not the time to admit defeat. It's time to march on, to your destiny."

And that is what I will do.
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