13 Mar 2014

Note To Self 2.0

On this day of your life,
Anu, I believe God wants you to know...    

...that your heart will be opened again soon. Indeed,
very soon, if you are receptive to it.

Do not think that you have had your last chance to love.
God would never do that to you. Your chances are as
endless as life itself! So love, love, love. And do not
worry about who loves you back.

Then get set for more love to fill your days and nights,
precisely because you have not worried about it. For
you always receive from the world what you give to the
world. It is The Law.

You know exactly why you are reading this message
right now.


Anu said...

I do! <3

Dash said...

Im sorry if something horrible happened. but ure defeinitely a lover/fighter as u said earlier, and really im awed by your strength.

Anu said...

Hi Dash, nothing extremely horrible happened. Just the usual challenges you get in life, which can be overcome.

By the way, no updates on your blog? I miss reading your posts.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

Why is this note on my birthday?

Suresh Nair

Anu said...

Hi Suresh,

So sorry for the delayed reply. Also, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a good one.

The note was probably just a coincidence I guess. Or maybe it was meant to me read by you for some reason. ;)

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