14 Jul 2011

Psychic dreams?

I wonder sometimes if I am a little psychic.

Just a few days ago, I dreamt that a friend of mine was determined to get married soon and today I learnt that he will be getting married in September. Ok so the dream wasn't actually him saying 'I'm getting married' but it was very close, because I remember the sense of determination and faith he had in it. And I didn't think of him at all for many months, so it wasn't a case of it being in my conscious/subconscious state.

This of course reminds me of my love for interpretation of dreams (well, thanks to the Internet even deciphering a dream is easy enough). I wonder how many of my other dreams may have some truth to it...and God knows, how I'd love to have some of those dreams come true.

My favourite latest dream was about my father. I had almost gone to sleep when our house alarm went off. I was about to go down to check it out, when my father gestured to me not to go, and he went ahead before me. That's when I woke up. And I firmly believe that the dream meant that he is still looking out for me, still protecting me.

Let's see what else I dream about and if any of those dreams come true...
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