22 Aug 2009

Bali Calling!

So finally the time has come for me to leave for Bali. I will be leaving on Monday 24/8 and returning on Saturday 29/8.
It's gonna be fun and yet a little different from my last trip there in 07'. This time I won't be having nasi goreng at almost all restaurants. This time it's going to be a protein/vege and limited alco sorta thing.
Well, there will always be satay...and the beach to look forward to.
Until I return with tales and photos...adios.
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16 Aug 2009

Of hopes and dreams

Last night I dreamt I was expecting.

Like all dreams it felt so real. Big stomach and all. I remember how difficult it was to walk. And in my dream I was not married, nor was I with with someone. I remember feeling a little worried about the process of giving birth, but I was determined to have that baby.

Waking up this morning I wondered what it meant. I am definitely not pregnant, that's for sure. But that whole 'with child' experience isn't something I can forget so fast or easily.

Looking up the largest encyclopedia in the world I learnt -

"To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal."

I could very well be in this situation. Yes I do want a child, a baby soon but he or she does not necessarily have share my genes. I could see myself adopting, if I have a balanced my financial situation in the future. So perhaps (I believe) the dream is about my new personal project, my full force attempt at getting healthy and staying there. It could also be about work and my developing my writing skills.

Or maybe it could be something that I haven't thought about yet...

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9 Aug 2009

I am Serious!

So tomorrow will mark my first time on a 'serious' diet.

On on the disadvantages of working in a lifestyle section for a newspaper is that u have to cover assignments in hotels, where after the press conference or interview, u are offered an array of yummy local and international delicacies. (Believe me this is a disadvantage!)

While u can eat as little as u can in every event, as time goes by, it all adds up. Before u know it, a blob stares at u when u look into the mirror. Your old clothes seem to have shrunk. The weighing scale merely tells u what u already know - u have indeed put on weight.

As I pondered on what to do next I met an interesting lady, also while I was on assignment who told me about this weight loss and maintaining programme. After research and chats with a few others I decided to embark on this diet. Why do I say it is a 'serious' diet? Cos' I will have people calling me everyday asking me how I am doing and I have to meet my mentor every week...make sure I get at least 10,000 steps everyday. Serious right?

So tomorrow is THE day. Wish me luck, I shall be on my best behaviour.

And soon the blob will turn into a un-blob. ;)
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