30 Apr 2007


As I sit here, in front of the PC at home (yes, u read it right, at home) I am happy that all is well with the Streamyx front. Or should I keep my fingers crossed and knock on wood?

Laterz, (busy checking out websites that I've been missing out since a week ago)

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27 Apr 2007

My Visual DNA.

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Where art thou, oh Internet?

It's official! I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of Internet activity. Symptoms include sudden burts of boredom, bouts of irritation. Food doesn't taste half as good. Reading has taken a second stand, now I have to read rather than want to read. And there's the impending doom that I feel when I wonder if I will ever use the Internet at home again...

Why art thou so bad Streamyx? Why do u like to torture me so? Do u get any pleasure by depriving me of my chance to seek knowlege and be entertained from the infinity of websites available these days?


The positives are it's Friday. (Woo hoo!) I'm gonna be having a busy day tomorrow, so that will be fun I am sure. (Another Woo hoo) It's the end of the month and subsequently that means there's money in the bank. (Big Woo hoo).

Come back to me, Internet!

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20 Apr 2007

Back again!

As per the usual Anu fashion, I was back to being normal in 24 hours. Loneliness? Yes that pot is still around, but the lid is sealed tightly now. Love - What more can I ask for? I’ve got unlimited love from family and friends. I’m working on my health. I’ve got a job I like and am working on another that I love. Pretty lucky, I know.

People eh? Always wanting more than they have. That’s the way the story goes. I think if I am able to appreciate the things I do have and work for the things I don’t have, well, then life, has some meaning to it. And that is what I will do.

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18 Apr 2007

Is good love on the way?

Every once in a while, in between the waking up, the working, the sleeping, the eating, living, the world seems like a lonely place. Today is one such day. Today I wonder if I am destined to walk alone in this lifetime. Today I wonder if I will find that someone special. If I'll ever find a lover I love from my heart and soul who loves me equally. I wonder...

Every once in a while, the fact that my younger cousin putting up pictures of his girlfriend online gives me a sense of sadness. Every once in a while I wish it was my guy who was waiting for me at work. Every once in a while I wish it was me over there, holding my little boy's hand. Every once in a while I wish my biggest achivement in life had nothing to do with work.

But such is life, everybody's got their own road to travel on, I know. Some roads are twisty, some straight. Some forks come up too soon. Some end up at a dead end. The beauty lies in its mystery. Just like the box of chocolates, u never know what u'r gonna get - the wise words of Forrest Gump.

But I know that wherever my road leads to I will be ok.

Still I hope that John Mayer's lyrics from a song will come true -

Good love is on the way
I've been lonely but I know I'll be ok
Good love is on the way

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13 Apr 2007

The firetrucks are coming up around the bend.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)
The Bottom Line
Karma is a powerful force today -- you can expect some interesting payback.

In Detail
Karma is a powerful force today, so you can expect some interesting payback for the good deeds (and the not-so-good deeds) you've performed in the recent past. This will be a very educational day -- it will teach you many valuable lessons about how to persuade people to see your point of view. You are learning more about how to use your charm to get ahead in your career, and this new knowledge is already starting to pay off.

From time to time I am reminded that sometimes, horoscopes can be accurate. Like today's - definitely accurate. I received a call from a friend who about a month and half ago told me about his feelings for me. I in turn, told him that I think that he is a wonderful person, but I just don't have that sorta feelings for him. (And that's the truth). So this morning when he called to try again, I told him the same thing. I hope this time he will understand and accept this, totally and completely. I don't want to take any drastic measures, but if I have to, I will.

Life is funny sometimes. Until recently, my love life consisted of unrequited loves tucked behind carefully construsted friendships. I've played the part of the rejected lover many times. I have felt hurt, I felt pain. Until now, it didn't occur to me that the one on spotlight may have felt hurt too. Maybe he felt that he didn't want to be the cause of the hurt in my heart? Maybe he felt destressed? Hmm, something to ponder on for sure.

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9 Apr 2007

Oh yes...

Between all the catching up and hanging out, shopping and seeing John Mayer live, I turned 31. I am gonna make sure this year is one that is productive and happy.


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Short & Sweet

I am back from my short but very sweet 9 day holiday in Melbourne, Australia. Glad to be back,for sure. Blurry eyed and sleep deprived, I went to work today. So u will understand that that this post will be a short one.

In short, it was fantastic. From catching up with family and friends to shopping and sangria drinking and of course, seeing John Mayer perform live - indescribable! He was as charismatic as I expected him to be; he had a good connection with the audience and, in turn we loved him...I am happy to have found some good bargains and I also took a few pictures of my favourite moments in Melbourne.

By the Yarra River with Southgate in the background.

Another one by Yarra River with the bridge at the background.

Melbourne city from the Melbourne Central-Myers connecting brigde.

Flinders Street: a tram ride view.

Pretty tulips at the Melbourne International Garden Show.

Interesting Man+Woman-with-flower bodies at the Garden Show.

This is what I saw from my seat while waiting for John Mayer to grace the stage.

See the guy in the middle in white? That's John Mayer!

I missed taking a photo of another favourite place of mine - Degraves Street, where cafes' come alive and people come together to eat, drink and be merry. Next time maybe...


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6 Apr 2007

Famous words

But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew, upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.

Lord Byron - Poet
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3 Apr 2007

Autumn In Melbourne

From the moment I touched down in Melbourne, I felt excitement fluttering inside.The friendly Immigration Officer at the counter asked me if I was coming home. I said sort of - that I had 2 homes. She nodded and said everyone has that nowadays. It's true, for me, Melbourne is my second home. I feel comfortable with it, I know what to do, where to go, how to get there. And yet, as I sat in the car with cousin,looking at the panaroma speeding past me, I also felt the familiar sense of loneliness; my closest companion over the past two years. For a moment, I felt like going back; but I reminded myself that I am here for a reason, and that I'm gonna put this silly feelings away and enjoy.

I spent Saturday resting and on Sunday, I went to the Melbourne International Flower Show with my cousin and her fiancee. It was an interesting event, flowers arranged never looked so unique nor beautiful ever. And yes I have the photos to prove it; I just need some time to upload them. After a long day at the show, we were heading back to the car when my cousin decided to pose for a photograph. As I watched her, I suddenly heard a voice on my left asking a question "So who's the sophisticated girl?" I looked up and saw that the voice belonged to my friend R. (My friend R here does not like to be mentioned on the net). We spoke for a few minutes. For a moment,I felt like I was transported back to when I was 24, when I used to date him and I had this immense crush on him. My cousin said that I looked shy, and I was a little. I guess that once u have feelings for a guy and after all the hurt u went through is gone, in its place is a soft spot reserved for him in the corner of ur heart.

And now, on to my quest for the week - shopping, catching up with friends and enjoying Melbourne's beauty. Oh did I forget to mention John Mayer's concert on Saturday?


P/S - I just passed by an Indian restaurant on the way to the cafe. I think if I were to go in, they may ask me to leave - as the last time I was there, I had a little "incident" there. The perils of too much red wine! *LOL* And no, I am not going to have my lunch there!
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