18 Apr 2007

Is good love on the way?

Every once in a while, in between the waking up, the working, the sleeping, the eating, living, the world seems like a lonely place. Today is one such day. Today I wonder if I am destined to walk alone in this lifetime. Today I wonder if I will find that someone special. If I'll ever find a lover I love from my heart and soul who loves me equally. I wonder...

Every once in a while, the fact that my younger cousin putting up pictures of his girlfriend online gives me a sense of sadness. Every once in a while I wish it was my guy who was waiting for me at work. Every once in a while I wish it was me over there, holding my little boy's hand. Every once in a while I wish my biggest achivement in life had nothing to do with work.

But such is life, everybody's got their own road to travel on, I know. Some roads are twisty, some straight. Some forks come up too soon. Some end up at a dead end. The beauty lies in its mystery. Just like the box of chocolates, u never know what u'r gonna get - the wise words of Forrest Gump.

But I know that wherever my road leads to I will be ok.

Still I hope that John Mayer's lyrics from a song will come true -

Good love is on the way
I've been lonely but I know I'll be ok
Good love is on the way



BawangMerah said...

Have you noticed, how when we want to find something, we can never find it. But when we're not looking for something it falls one our lap. It's unfair i tell you!

visithra said...

dont look for it - seriously - ill come looking for u when the times right - just dont ignore it ;)

at such times drag a friend out ;)

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